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Unfortunately due to emigration early next year I need to let my favourite toy go - my 550+hp 2005 Mitsubishi Evo IX GT Wagon in pearl white. I bought this back in early 2012 after my VR4 Legnum was stolen. At the time I had no idea that the Evo Wagon existed, so it came as a pleasant surprise to find this on the market at the time. I bought it from a guy over in the UK studying from Hong Kong. He had bought the car to tour Europe along with his friend in an R35 GTR! When I bought it, it has basic Stage 1 modifications and was running circa 400hp. Since acquiring it, I've slowly modified it to what it is now - being a professional engineer I've done as much work myself as possible and the car has been immaculately maintained. The engine was the last thing I upgraded - I focussed on chassis/suspension/drivetrain modifications initially. The IX GT Wagons are super rare cars, especially in the UK. Only 2500 were ever made and most of those were the non-MIVEC automatic versions. There are probably around 15 of the manual GT Wagon in the UK and the only time I've seen another was at Jap Car meets. This Evo has the tougher RS rear Diff as standard (no-AYC). Also, whilst originally a 6-speed manual, this car has an uprated 5 speed gearbox fitted.



Fully forged, built by Dynotech in Jun 2015. Specced to 700hp. Included Wiesco race pistons, Bridgeway I-Beam rods, L19 ARP head & main studs, ACL bearings, Cosworth H/G, Kelford 272 cams with BC titanium springs and retainers. Engine also has AMS VSR Race intake manifold, S90 70mm throttle body, Greddy R-Spec intercooler and piping and Tial race BOV. It is mapped on Speed Density (MAP) on the stock ECU. Power is just over 550hp/450lbft at just under 2bar boost on 98 unleaded fuel. The rpm limiter is set to 8k. An uprated Mishimoto aluminium radiator has been fitted, along with silicone coolant lines. A FRP is fitted, fuel pressure is currently set to 3 bar.

Turbo setup is a full frame race spec AMS T3 single scroll kit. Turbo is a genuine Garret GTX3576R bought new from Turbozentrum-berlin at the same time of the build. It runs a 0.63 hot side and a genuine Tial F38 wastegate running two springs to a combined 1.5bar spring pressure. The manifold, turbine housing and downpipe have all been ceramic coated (ZircoTech). All boost lines are Teflon with S/S overbraid, using Speedflow connectors throughout.

The fuel system uses Walbro in tank pump with a genuine Bosch 044 motorsport in line pump and a 1 litre swirl tank. Fuel lines are AN-8 spec throughout, including to/from the tank. Injectors are ASNU 1000cc with a Radium Motorsport fuel rail and damper.

The exhaust is a straight-through 3" system from the turbo back. It is currently de-catted but a good condition catalytic converter will be provided with the car.

The cambelt was changed by Norris Designs in Dec 2012 at a mileage of 59,978.


Fully rebuilt and blue-printed 5 speed from an Evo VIII. I did all of the work on this myself, and re-built a used gearbox from the ground up. 2/3/4/5 synchros were replaced along with all sliders/sleeves and engagement springs. 5th gear set was replaced with new RS-spec gears (lower ratio). This was done to balance out the 4-to-5 gear drop and make it completely linear in line with the other gears. A 4.11 ratio FD kit was fitted - this gives an approx. 160mph top end despite the RS 5th gear. Also, an uprated inner output shaft (Arnside Motorsport) was fitted. Stock ones tend to snap during hard launching - this one is rated up to approx. double the stock item. One other modification that is fairly unique in the UK is that the input shaft roller bearings have been replaced with taper bearings. This effectively pre-loads the input shaft and prevents any shock movement under hard launches (see Jack Transmissions for further info). I shimmed all shafts to OEM specifications using custom-ground spacers.

Clutch is an eXtreme 230mm twin plate ceramic unit, fitted in Feb 2015. This is a very tough clutch! The reinforced gearbox and twin plate clutch give this Evo the potential for seriously repeat hard launches.

The ACD pump was rebuilt by Harry Hockley Motorsport in Aug 2013. The ACD ECU has also been remapped to give more aggressive centre differential locking (as required!).


Front brake set up is from an Evo X MR using 350mm rotors. The front discs are genuine slotted AP Racing discs and the rears are also slotted (discs are in very good condition all round). Pads front and rear are CarboTech XP8 and the front pads were just fitted at the end of Oct 16. All callipers were rebuilt and re-painted in Apr 2014. Braided brake lines have been fitted and MOTUL RBF 660 used. Brake fluid was changed in Oct 16, along with the clutch fluid.

Wheels & Tyres

The wheels are Ultralite 18x9.5 with a 35 offset. Front 10mm spacers have been fitted with an extended stud kit - this is to provide sufficient clearance from the brembos. Tyres are Nankang NS2R and are approx. 50% worn.


Exe-Tc coilovers (fast road) all with external resevoirs. They are height adjustable and have a single adjustment for bump/rebound. Nice and compliant but with excellent damping - perfect for B road blasts. It also has a Perrin Anti-Lift kit (offset spherical bearings in front lower struts) with added castor (fitted by MG Autos)

The car has a full 4 wheel alignment done (fast road specs) in Jan 2015 by Indigo Gt.

Miscellaneous mods include a battery-to-boot conversion and an uprated Whiteline adjustable rear ARB. It has a 52mm digital pillar-mounted boost gauge.

The car is fitted with an active Tracker. I have a spare key/fob set. The alarms is an aftermarket Cobra system.

The current mileage is just over 74k (noting actual mileage will be less due to most of this being km whilst in Japan). MOT expires 1 Nov 2017. All oils/filters have been replaced within the past 3 months - it is good to go.

I have receipts for virtually all of the work above, and lots more pics are available on request. As this is a serious performance car, no test drives will be allowed. I will demonstrate its performance for interested buyers only. If I could take this beastie with me, I wouldn't think twice about it - unfortunately it isn't possible where I'm going. I agree it is a 'Marmite' car - you either get it or you don't. But if you do, hopefully you will see the appeal!


Contact details are; [email protected] / 07795458010 or via MLR
Car is located at Upavon, Wilts. No p/x or silly offers please.


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