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We bought this car off the forum in December 2011 complete with a crankwalk engine, I then acquired a VII engine (again advertised on here) and took the whole lot to Nick at NR Autosport. The guys fitted the engine, ancillaries etc, a new fuel pump, cambelt and few other bits and got the car on the road for us.

Since then it has been used by my wife most days and in that time the only issues we have had have been a faulty cam sensor and some shoplifters!
The shoplifters did a runner from our local Morrisons, letting the trolley go in the car park and bent the rear nearside door, which we subsequently replaced.

We've fitted a replacement bonnet as we came across one that was in better condition along with carbon fibre bonnet struts and a carbon fibre slam panel from SJS Composites (must say it's the best quality carbon fibre I've ever bought or seen :smthumbup)

When we got the car the drivers seat bolster was well passed its best, I got a set of V RS front and rear seats from "Barbour" that I believe he had recovered, (when they arrived they were like new anyway) and fitted the set.

I got a good set of foglights and brackets and these are fitted with uprated bulbs in them and the headlights

When we got the car it was advertised with
120k KM (still reads in km)
car was imported in 2007
HKS 3" exhaust system
3" downpipe
EVO 7 RS turbo
EVO 6 injectors
EVO 6 ECU - ecuflashed with Ralliart map
apexi induction kit
Tinted windows
3 uk owners

The engine was advertised as
evo 7 rs engine.....came out bruce taxis evo 7 rs that has only covered 1500 miles, so the engine only has roughly 10,000miles on it, the engine was mapped with russ at hq performance in dalgety bay, and done 308bhp at the wheels running 1.7bar of boost, has arp headbolts and arp rod bolts

I couldn't say what the power is now as it hasn't been on a rolling road

The body work is good for the age, obviously a few chips (paint missing round the foglight as you can see in the pics) and the underside is sound, it flew through its latest MoT test.

When the engine was installed the speedo was fitted with a MPH converter the mileometer showed 120,000KM at the time and now reads 126397

The car is currently taxed to end of January '14
The MoT expires on March 11th 2014

This would make an ideal starter or even second (or third :lol:) Evo for anybody, it's sound and ready to to run

Looking for £3500 ono.

I know the wheels may not be to everyone's liking but I have a spare set of rims that I can get blasted and coated to the colour of your choice if you don't chip me too much on price :)

The car is in Leeds and the easiest way to contact me is to post up or PM me on here or email at [email protected]


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Like the look of that tbh !!! GLWS :smthumbup
Has the BEST evo rocker cover of all to boot ;):mhihi:

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Right little car for 3.5k that chris.
Really well priced to sell and looks dam clean too :smthumbup
Cant see why. It hasnt sold :confused:
To think you can spend that on a cylinder head :eek:
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