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hi everyone
I have been in touch with opie oils about getting a few fluids ordered for my IV. Going to do oil and filter as was forced to get a garage to do it a few months back when i just bought the car - would rather do it myself.
Doing that one is pretty straight forward and have the right oil picked out etc.

Opie have suggested gearbox oil/transfer box oil and diff oil - they have been really helpful.

I am looking through the guides - are any of these oils the same as AYC fluid or is that seperate again? - stupid question i know.

I have found a how to guide on this site for AYC and Diff oil change.
On top of this change is gearbox oil and transfer box oil change essential?

IF gearbox is fine can that be left?
Just really looking to find out how servicable they all are - ie how often they should be changed and what i should focus on first?
sorry for all the questions - keen to give this a go - if i can.

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I'll try and answer your questions in order.

1. The gearbox oil, transfer box and rear diff oil and the AYC fluid are all different.
The gearbox oil is for the gearbox only.
The transfer box oil should also be used for the rear diff oil.
The AYC oil is very specific and should only be used in the AYC system.

In the rear diff, you have the AYC reservoir side and the rear diff housing side. The former will need to be filled with AYC fluid and the latter the transfer box/ rear diff oil.
The AYC also has a pressurised section that can be bled using a MUTIII tool. That's best done by an experienced independant servicing place. Imho, this is worth doing as you don't know when it was done previously.

Again, I'd change the all fluids now as you don't know what's in there and how old it is. Once you've done that, I'd change the AYC fluid reservoir oil at the same intervals as the engine oil and filter (4500 miles/ 6 months).

To me, changing the gearbox oil would take preference over changing the transfer box and rear diff oil. Simply because the driver is actively using the gearbox more and it arguably takes more punishment.
With the amounts of oil the transfer box and rear diff take though, it seems silly not to change them at the same time.

I have the same job on my list (gearbox, transfer box and rear diff oil change) and I plan to buy 2 giant syringes to get the fluid into the appropriate housing. These hold around 500ml each which is only slightly less than the rear diff and transfer box will hold each. I'll use one of them for the transfer box and rear diff and one for the gearbox, as different oils are used.
I've read some very good advice in the past that said to fill the gearbox through the reverse light switch hole, checking the level through the gearbox oil filler hole. If you do this, a funnel and length of appropriately sized hose will be all you need to fill it.

If you download the workshop manual for your model, that will give you all teh info you need about what oil types to buy and how to change them.

As for how often you should change the transmission oils, AYC reservoir aside, I'm planning on every 3 years or so, depending on what oil you use and how you use the car.

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