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Is this still for sale? how do i contact you? can you message me on

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Just to update to be clear on the state of the car at the moment.

Engine last run around 4 years ago, not modified - VI engine and VI turbo with HKS filter. The only reason I've mentioned belt as it's been a few years since it had one and could be prone to snapping.

I'd recommend, before start
  • Belts
  • Oils
  • Plugs

Rear end is still stripped (tank, drivetrain etc) Can be slaved in to get rolling - car will need to be trailered.
Rear end up to the tank area has been stripped, rust converted, primed and top coated with bed liner in the correct paint code.

It will need

Fuel tank painting
from tank forward undersealing
Few bushes on rear arms

Brembos could do with a refurb if being picky, interior is in good nick for age etc.

Paintwork needs a machine polish and would come up okay, does have a few dinks in some areas that could be pulled if req.

AYC was working when car was last properly driven, pump is not corroded.

I can't upload photos anymore so give me an email address and I can forward them on to those interested.

Advert may be pulled as I may be getting some furlough soon and this will be my project :smthumbup
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