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Calling all register members...

Please help, I have a friend who had a IV rear diff go on him, a load of damage that he is now having fixed after a lengthy battle with 'Warranty Holdings' (which coincidentally, got him nowhere)... :(

Does anyone have an EVO IV front transfer box that they could sell to him? He has had nothing but bad luck over the past twelve months, and he could do with a bit of good luck. This is the last part he requires to get the white peril back on the road :) but he can't locate one anywhere :(

Any help for a fellow EVO nut would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone wanting to help my mate out can contact me via me at my email address, or directly, his name is Lee and he can be reached on (01606) 832053

Many Thanks

John S
[email protected]

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Due to overly aggressive drivers in the hire cars last month, all my front diffs are knackered at the mo, so no spare stock for sale from the service van! ( but id be intrested in any casings or bearings that you have left over to rebuild mine?)
I have got an as new rear GSR AYC diff and pump if you need that?
All the best, RogerRally
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