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Evo intercoolers

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Hello all - should anyone be selling or know of any late Evo intercoolers for sale could you please let me know - there are a lot of guys on our website/club looking to install both standard and uprated Evo intercoolers -

Cheers for your time.
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Cheers gents for the two PM's please find the following link for you to post any intercoolers that are for sale-
Fiat Coupe Club forum - parts for sale - Evo Intercoolers

The forum does not host pics but you can place them by adding a http link using he 'images' button when posting info.

Cheers Hanny
:D Cheers gents for the PM's - all have been ans and sent back.

Please keep them comming, we have over 5000 users and over 1400 owners registered on the Fiat Coupe Club Forum so sure that the demand will continue.

Thanks again for the responses.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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