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TESCO's seem to be the best at the moment the last three evo's I sold all found them to be the cheapest.

Happy motoring


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Hi, try this link its quite usefull as a comparison
I tried phoning all over and yes Tesco was good and if i remember did Q on greys. I eventually called my existing insurer who i thought were going to refuse insurance, only to be told it was £370 FC to change my car, that was going to be for 11 months insurance, that added to what i pay now worked out at about £600......... that i think is very good. If you search the archives there are loads of threads on insurance but good advice is to phone around them all.

1 tip, dont bother on the internet online quoters, you get negative response... Best of look

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Call Ian at Tett Hamilton (01275 856618). He's been working hard for the last year trying to arrange an insurance scheme for the MLR and it's members and I'm pleased to say it looks as iif he's finally done it.

I'll post full details here very soon - and they'll also be in the next mag, along with a freepost quotation form.

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If any off you can run the Evo on a restricted mileage (5000 miles or less) than are simply awesome !
They usually specialise in classic cars but have a special policy for unusually Japanese cars including grey imports.
There are a few criteria, eg Garaged, over 25, and the limited mileage. But I've not got mine insured for £500 -That is taking into account a claim I had from the snow early in the year (stupid) and the reduction of my NCB to 2 years. Tett-Hamilton tried but couldnt; get anywhere near that price.
Nor are they a dodgy company, having insured MG's and other classic cars for years (in fact I get my road legal, fully moded race MGB insured for £140)

All their policies include European cover etc and an agreed valuation.


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We can Insure Evo's on our performance car scheme with Groupama (both greys and UK).

Premiums range from £550 to over £2000 (he has just written a Tommi Mak off).

The cars must be garaged and have a cat 1 plus Satellite Traking.

We give huge discounts for limited mileage.

Ring either me or Scott on 01782 286311.

Bear in mind we cant be all things to all people some we will win and some we won't.


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Try doing a search as this topic has been discussed several thousand times. From experience, there's no one cheap insurer as it is all dependant on the individual enquiring. However, just to contradict myself, try A-Plan (0845 071 1234)!!

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Give me a call next week, if nothing our advice is free.

As Darin mentioned we have a new scheme for Lancers (UK |PLS| IMPORTS), |PLS| We will give MLR Members a discount. Drivers do have to be aged over 25 but if they have owned the car for over a year or have driving experience of a performance vehicle we can allow HUGE discounts. Good news: rates are competitive, Bad News: not if you have had a large claim in the past year or live life in the fast line (ie loads of points).

I admit we are not going to competitive every time, however we do give 100% in effort to get you the best deal and hopefully 9 times out of 10 we will come out tops.

Maybe speak to you soon.

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