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Insurance companies are actively trying to weed out folks doing this and may refuse to pay out if they think someone other than the main driver has been using the car all the time. Used to be common about 10 years ago, a lot of folks I knew under 20 were getting their Cossies insured through their folks - then wrapping them round trees [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > Guess thats why they're trying to stamp it out. Anyway, you don't get to build up your own ncb.

However much it saves you you'd be better off insuring it yourself.

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Insuring it myself is almost prohibitively expensive, which is why I'm considering this... naturally, my father thinks it's a *wonderful* idea...!

I don't want to be responsible for other people's premiums rising should I be daft enough to crash it, and I'd be very annoyed not to take the opportunity to buy it.... but if it came down to either insuring it through my father, or not buying it, what would you do...?

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Well if you can afford to may be loose £12k (or whatever you pay for the car) then insure it through your folks.
Insurers will try to get out paying out whenever they can. I read in the paper yesterday about a bloke who left his keys in the ignition of his Porsche 911 while paying for his petrol at a filling station (prat I know) and got his car nicked. The insurer (Norwich Union) wouldn't pay out so he was £61k out of pocket.
Try asking insurers to up the excess and thus reduce your premium or get a low mileage policy. I expect your excess is sky high anyway so it may not be to your advantage.
Whats the premium you have been quoted if you don't mind me asking?
You would be lucky to insure any Evo for much less than a grand even if you were the pope!
Remember that premiums are still rising and are expected to rise by 20% this year. Something worth considering for your renewal next time.

Don't worry about the 95 RON unleaded as people have already mentioned the ECU will sort that out for you. Ralliart recommend you use 97 RON although obviously using a lower octane will effect performance.

Also don't worry about the servicing interval of 6000 miles. The 4500 mile limit was brought in for the Active Yaw Control on the E4 to E6 simply because the AYC ECU may be faulty. I would say 6000 miles would be a more realistic interval anyway but obviously servicing sooner doesn't hurt the car just your wallet!

By the way its not that yellow EIII I have seen advertised quite a bit is it (Evo mag etc.)?

I am now getting Evo withdrawl symtoms.......

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Nope, I can't afford to lose 12K. I don't intend to defraud my insurance company, all my quotes have been stating that there'll be 9000 miles a year, split 4500/4500 between myself and my father, which is broadly realistic. In his name, it costs £1300, in mine around £3900.

In general, no-one will quote for me at all, which is why it's looking like it'll be either in his name or nothing..... being honest, perhaps I should pop back to that Peugeot dealership with the brand new discounted 106 GTi and just build some no claims before I jump into Evo ownership

It's not yellow, it's a metallic grey one, M100EVO

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While I can sympathise with the insure through dad/no Evo dilemma I reckon HH6 is right - can you afford to lose £12k?

I really am surprised you cannot get a quote lower than £3900, when I first got my car I was only 26 and most quotes were just over a grand (although a few were in the £3-4k territory!). Today they still are even though I'm a few years older, but thats due to the imcreasing-premium ripoff that we all have to suffer.

I know folks with reasonably high risk cars (Seat Cupras, UK Imprezas) in their early 20s and they are only paying £800-£1000 - Surely someone will quote you!

It may be best to keep hold of your money and buy another motor until you are 23-24 and have a couple of years no-claims. You could then look at a E6!

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It looks like my age is a real problem; NO-ONE will touch me with a lengthy stick while I'm under 25! I'd be interested to hear from anyone under 25 who's managed to get an Evo insured. If I could get it below £2500 I'd jump on it, but it's not happening. Even the insurers a lot of people recommended like Adrian Flux, Footman James, and Tett Hamilton aren't interested. That's why it's insure through dad or nothing... and it does seem like a very very good deal!

My backup option is a 106GTi which I'm also getting a very very good deal on, so I'm currently leaning towards that as I can't afford to throw away £12 000 if my insurers are unhappy... are they that bad if a claim's made by the named driver?

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Nice premium!
I don't know whether insurers are 'that bad' about named drivers but is it worth the risk? If your dad is actually going to drive it slightly more than you then I don't see a problem, its when people are a named driver on someone elses policy and the policy holder never drives its then when there may be problems!
All I can suggest is what Chunky said. Get a lower insurance group car and build up your NCB (and age!). Having the car insured through your folks may be OK in the short term but you will pay for it later on when you have very little NCB. We all have had to do it and I know its a pain in the arse but you can get some cracking little motors (like your 106GTi) to 'tool' about in. Up until November last year I had a Mk1 MR2 and I'm 29 (28 then). Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, 120Bhp pocket rocket for £2k-3k! The advantage with the smaller motors is you can wring the guts out of them safely whereas if you did the same in a Evo you would get your collar felt or be in a ditch! (Roundabouts are more fun in the Evo though!)

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Seems like good advice; I'm sure that the last thing you guys need is someone my age pushing up yur premiums if I do something stupid... thanks to all who've helped!

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price sounds expensive to me. dealers take the mickey a bit with the older evo's from what little I've seen of them.
Our local dealer has an evo II and an evo III among others.
the 2 is priced at 10,995 and the 3 at 12,495
i bought my II well under that and all private sales I see are much cheaper too.
when i chatted to the dealer i implied his prices were a 'tad' optimistic and asked if it was negotiable. I got the impression that it was negotiable by maybe even a couple of grand!
They all want to shift stock at the end of the day, and get new stock in.

#1 I would offer the dealer a good chunk less in cash, and be pretty firm, if you're interested in the car.
#2 there have been messages over the last couple of months on the yahoogroups.evo site (used to be called egroups) about the youngest evo drivers (and probably their insurance)
you may have to register but thats cool. Its another source of info, and some threads that should be useful to you.

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