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Just need some confirmation please regarding Evo colours.

I need to know the following:

1) Did the Evo 4 come in an RS2 version and if they did what colours were they available in?
2) Did the Evo 5 come in an RS2 version and if they did what colours were they available in?
3) What colours did the Evo 6 RS2 come in (I know for sure Scotia White and Satellite Silver, any other colour)?
4) What colours did the Evo 6 TME RS2 come in (I think it was the same colours as the GSR)?
5) What is the correct name for the TME red and is it Solid, Metallic, or Coloured Pearlescent?

Oh yeah and...
6) Can someone tell me the model ident/chassis number for the E6 TME (e.g. E6 is GF-CP9A-0100001 and onwards)?

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the colors of VI RS2 are:
Pyreness black, black diamond (is different from Pyreness black), satellite silver, scotia white.

the colors of VI TME RS2 are:
Pyreness black, satellite silver, scotia white and passion red.

That all, I know.

Bye! :)

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Thanks for the info,
Now you mention Black Diamond I seem to remember it being said before, wasn't it a Ralliart Germany LHD RS2 special edition? Are you sure that Black Diamond was a different colour and not just the special edition name? I would have thought they would have kept with Pyrenees Black?
Would any of our European friends like to confirm or have a picture of a Black Diamond RS2?

Did the TME RS2 come in Canal Blue as well as all the other colours?

By the way I can just make out the chassis number of the Canal Blue TME in Jap Performance and it looks like the series will be GF-CP9A-0200001 and onwards. Can anyone confirm?

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evo 4 and amp;5 came in only RS(white only) and GSR variants. Only e6 had the rs-2 model.BTW the RS-2 only came in scotia white and satellite silver in RHD.Only the LHD model RS-2 also came in pyrenese black,aswell as silver and white,not sure bout diamond canal blue for LHD TME's.

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Yes, I have some pictures of EVO VI Black Diamond. On the rear side door on a small plate, is written Black Diamond. I think that the two colors are different, because the Black Diamond seems metallized.



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Hi HH6,

I Run a silver TME its limited edition number is 033

The Model No. is GF-CP9A SNGF

The Chassis No. is CP9A- 020xxxx (chassis number editted for security, HH6)

Hope this helps some how!


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Thanks everyone that's pretty much answered all my questions!

You are right Black Diamond is definitely different to Pyrenees Black! Do you have any more pictures of the RS2 Black Diamond? Can you email them to me please?
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