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Okay, I am thinking of buying an Evo V or VI. Its as a second car so the wife is going to use it a bit as well. Is there an FAQ out there or something as I'd like to know what the cost is going to be for petrol and servicing over a year (approx6-8K miles). At the moment sense tells me to go out and buy a new Leon 20VT for 14K but I could scrape the money together and go for an Evo for around the 22K mark. Can I get something good for this price.. any tips.

Any help would be most appreciated


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I suggest you go for a test drive in an Evo and see what you think. Once you have driven one then you will be hooked! No other car will compare this side of £30k.

For £22k you will get an early (99/00 S/T/V) Evo 6 GSR Grey Import with about 10 to 25k on the clock.

What to buy
The Evo5/6 comes in 2 main models, the GSR and RS.
The GSR is the top of the range with all the toys. Active Yaw Control, ABS, Climate Control, Electric windows/mirrors etc.
The RS is intended to be sold as a base for a proper Rally Car hence there are no toys/extras on it because they would just have to be ripped out anyway.

There are other varients but the above are the main two. (RSX is a limited edition Ralliart car, RS-2 generally not around in the U.K., TME not in your price range!)

Also you should also consider whether you want an official U.K. Ralliart car or a Japanese Grey Import.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both.
Ralliart cars are more expensive but you get the peace of mind of U.K. backup.
Grey Imports are cheaper but are not converted specifically for the U.K. market.
At the end of the day Ralliart and Grey Imports all come from the same factory.

To be honest from my experience it is best to go for a Grey Import Evo 6 GSR but make sure you get a warranty with it.

Buying tips
Get an insurance quote FIRST! You may find that you either cannot insure it or the cost is prohibitive.
Full service history is a MUST. The Evo is a highly technical, high performance motor and requires servicing every 4500 miles. It must be carried out by a well known garage with specialist Mitsubishi Diagnostic equipment (MUT-II), it is not a car that can be serviced correctly in a back street workshop.
Buy with a warranty if you can, if not buy one yourself.
Try to get a non modified car. You will not know how well any modifications were done if they are fitted. Damage can occur to the car through bodged modifications.
Do the usual checks as if you were buying any other car i.e. Registration Document checks, HPI check and amp; mechanical inspection if you are not confident in your mechanical skills.
Make sure you see the S.V.A. certificate. This will tell you that the car has been type approved for the UK. If it only has an MOT then it has been imported through Ireland.
Ask and check the documentation to see whether the car was NEW in the UK and has not been used/second hand from Japan.

Cost of running
The 'bug bear' of the Evo is the fuel consumption. Expect to get an average of 24mpg. You MUST use Super Unleaded petrol (97RON). For any performance car fuel economy will suffer, personally I am impressed with the economy for the performance you get. More annoying is the small petrol tank. At 51 litres you are realistically looking at 190-200 miles between refills.
Evo 4/5 and amp; 6's must be serviced every 4500 miles with more major checks/services at 9000, 18000 and 45000 miles.
Expect to pay the following for servicing:
4500 miles
9000 miles
18000 miles
45000 miles
(the above prices include labour and amp; VAT)
Don't forget to budget for insurance. A typical quote will be around the £1000 to £1500 mark although it may be reduced if you get a limited mileage policy.

Also don't forget £25 for membership to the MLR!

Once you try an Evo in any shape or form you will not want to drive any other car again!

(P.S. Would you want to let your wife drive it? She may not let you have it back again!)

I hope this helps.

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