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After getting my 7 back from mitsu with a new clutch after a few weeks i noticed a strange noise from the front end sounded much like a suspension kinda noise gradually louder clunking sound being able to feel it through the clutch pedal after a month
or so now i know it should of been taken back well before now but me being self employed and very busy the car is only used at weekends and i just never had time ANYWAYYYYYYY
took it to a m8 of mine at my local garage only to be told that the engine bed was slack and was moving over an inch forward and backwards sooooooo straight on the blower to mitsu to be told yes sir we did drop the bed fetch it bacxk to us we'll have a peek
soooo gets a call yesterday to be told from mitsu that the car has been grounded (bottomed out) and has caused damage to the main prop bearing and has broken some fuel/brake pipe brackets or clips and yes the bed is loose, nothing to do with them £537.00 please
now my car has NEVER been on a track nor offroad in anyway way , the worst its been is up an old dirt track leading to a farm hang on ain't i bought a rally bred car ????? anyway looked like they are having me pants down AGAIN can anybody throw light on a loose engine bed for no apparant reason?
i've added about 3k miles to the 12k it has done and i've spent more than the 3k (miles) in money since i had this car i'm at the point now to phone the autotrader and go back to being sensible GUTTED :mad:
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