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Coming off my car next week (w/c 12/12/16), this turbo has developed a fault and I have decided to replace with new, rather than re-condition.

The turbo smokes on overrun so I'm guessing the seals have gone? On the dyno last weekend it made 335bhp, peak boost was 1.4 bar dropping to 1.0 bar.

I'll be able to add photos of the unit next week once the turbo is off, along with the dyno graphs if this helps, (as I've left them in the car.) Posting as I'm hoping this may be of use to someone, otherwise I've gained an Evo related doorstop!

With the turbo being faulty I'm really not sure of the value? Turbo Technics advertise a price difference of £240 when buying a TT209 with and without an exchange unit.

Based on that I'm asking £100 collected from Reading,Berkshire. Or plus postage at cost.

If you have any questions please call (07786 262770) or pm
1 - 3 of 3 Posts