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Just contemplating what to do with my Evo 8 and wondered what it would be worth in its current state?

2005 Evo 8 260
66k Miles
Tax and MOT
Full History

Rodjob'd engine
Evo 9 Turbo
Kelford 264 Cams
HKS Pulleys
APS Large Front Mount Intercooler
Walbro Pump
RC750 Injectors
3inch downpipe
CTEC Manifold
HKS Hipower Silent Exhaust
Excedy Twinplate Clutch

Ohlin DFV Coilovers
Ksport 330mm 6 pot rear brakes with DS3000's
Ksport 330mm 8 pot front brakes with Carbotech XP10's

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With rod job and turbo, brakes, coilovers...between 6-8k......maybe more if nice wheels and interior ....:smthumbup may be harsh but I can pick up standard ones cheap

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Or advertise it overseas; you might still "only" get 7.5 to 9K for it but since the UK is the 2nd cheapest place in Europe to buy "older" cars from, it might be worth your while.

Example: my Evo 8 came from the UK, registration was 2004, import-date was 2009. Advertised @ 11K, bought for 10K. After transport, taxes, local MOT and such, car was sold "as is" for 15K.

Currently cars like yours (with some mods and low mileage) are still advertised between 12K and 16K, where ofcourse some of the value is in the emotion of the seller.

For convenience, I converted Euro to GBP in previous sentences :)
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