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Hi All,

I have a strange noise coming from the rear of my car when I floor it in 6th gear. It is a bit between a puff, scrape and tapping noise. It is not coming from the front definately from the back. I don't know if its my exhaust with a hole in it or not. Doesn't feel underpowered however everytime I floor it in 6th gear and sometimes in 5th just before it comes on full boost I get this noise. It only does it no more than 3 times in quick succession and then stops, doesn't seem to be struggling to pull either.

However I do feel like this is the time when it is most under strain and I worry that something may break. Any ideas Evo friends what the hell it is????

It started happening after I came back from Scotland where I racked up 2.5k miles in a week.

Car has done now 35k miles and is on a 53 plate.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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