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hi,i know that the mr has different suspensions,but i still want to lower the car down a bit,

Just wondering if the normal lowering kit for the evo 8 fits the mr??

cause i cant find any one doing the lowerin kit for the MR??


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topboss320 said:
Eibach use the kit from the 5 and 6 on the MR range. Have it fitted to mine and I'm happy with it.
The HKS Kit is specially designed for the MR and is only used on the MR. I wouldnt want to put springs designed for the V or V1 on an MR as the suspenson is different.

I'll try and find out for you where to get them as im unsure, mine came with them on.

Sumo would be a good place to call as they are HKS dealers. :)
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