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I Never thought id be listing to sell this car anytime soon!! so I'm Mearly testing the water! NO expense has been spared at all on this car! I've spend over £6,000 this last year on upgrades alone!!

It started out as a FQ300 with a factory upgrade kit to FQ320 before it was sold (original receipts and sale receipts i have)

Reason I'm listing it on here to potentially selling it is, in the past 12 months I've spent a considerable amount of money on the car getting it to exactly where i wanted it, with power, style and looks! and i can safely say I've done it... to the extent i don't dare drive it anywhere, as I'm too scared to leave it!! since I've owned it I've probably covered 2000 miles ... all in the dry! and the majority of that was the drive to county durham to EVO TUNE, where I've been 3-4 times!

Ill try to list everything that I've done to this car, but honestly I'm gonna struggle to list everything!

I bought the car early last year from a chap in doncaster, who spent considerable money getting it to 380bhp (this is where the stupid part starts..! as i spent about another £3000 to get another 30bhp out of it!!!) anyway...

He had a brand new evo 9 turbo fitted, with the intercooler, fuel pump and all the other bits you need to get it to 380bhp.

Then i got it....
First thing i did was took it to Jamie at evo tune for a heath check, as all the receipts in the folder was from him, and after i did my research i decided that he was the best man to see, so i took the 5hr drive!! done the heath check, everything was great, running sweet and safely...then the money talk started...MORE POWER!!!

so after a FEW visits i eventually ended up with a car that safely produces 410bhp and 350flb torque

All work was undertaken from evo tune and was as follows (receipts and print outs for everything)

GT 266 cams and vernier pulleys, remap (new cam belt fitted and oil at same time)£1135.00
ID 1000 uprated fuel injectors and adjust for new turbo, new spark plugs £792.00
hybrid turbo and billet wheel £1020.00
Thats just some of the expensive stuff!

work undertaken by my local garage...

Poly bush engine mounts and torque reation mount.
Take off tubular manifold (as instructed by evo tune) new OE gaskets fitted. £672.00

just fitted flo green SfS coolant hoses and boost hoses too, uprated clips too.

Upgraded braided AYC lines (all works fine!!)

Uprated large alloy Radiator

Drive train

I bought BC coilovers and got completely stated on the forums after i had lots of issues with them, so i went out and spent just shy of £3000.00 on OHLINS full coilovers and had them corner weighted and set up by STEVE SCOTT at A1 rally services (recommended by jamie at evo tune) at a cost of £450.

Its got Ultimate Kiwami 9.5j wheels front and back (not staggered) imported from japan from drift works for £1086.00 (without tires!!) the stance is incredible and the concave in the wheels look mint... ride height is lovely on the Ohlins set up too!

Tires its got brand new yokohama Advans (rated A dry tire and B in the wet, so best all round tire!)

Body work

Its has just had a brand new genuine evo 9 rear bumper fitted, rolled the arches (the wheels just caught ever so slightly on cornering) rear spoiler re lacquered, and a new front carbon splitter.

NO Rust!

(inside the engine bay has slight surface rust on slam panel and top mounts) nothing like all the evos I've seen!!

It has covered roughly 64,000 miles, since all the work has taken place i have covered no more than 1000 miles!! in the dry! its a garage ornament hence sale!

It has a Mot till april 2017 and is ALWAYS stored in the garage day or night!! and is never left in a carpark or anything! I'm too scared!

I bought this car as i thought I'm never going to lose money on it, as they are just going up in value.. but i got the bug and started modifying it to get it where i want it, then don't use it!!! it just sits in the garage and doesnt get driven! i have a MK1 focus RS in storage that I'm going to sell also.

Ive just bought a new house and it just seem stupid to have so much money tied up into cars that don't get driven! so i will sell the pair and get a V8 M3 or a new M4

serious people only please, no test pilots and I will be the only one to drive the car until payment has cleared!!


PRICE IS £14,995 AS IS


eBay link for advert and pictures.
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