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Evo 8 FQ in Palma Red (Loads of Carbon!)

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I've owned this Evo for nearly a year and have enjoyed every minute. However, I feel a need to economise (it's a daily driver) and so I've bought a Fireblade for my commute and I'm gonna buy a cheaper runabout for the crappy weather days.

It's in overall excellent condition, full service history (apart from 2 stamps really early on), with services carried out religiously every six months or 5000 miles. Everything works as it should, it starts on the key and has been ultra-reliable for me as a daily use car. There are a massive amount of receipts related to the car that the new owner can dribble over. Last service was all fluids and was done just recently.

It's an FQ300 (#564) but the interior is from a 9GT (good condition) and there's a little bit of engine work too (cams, lash adjusters). It was mapped a wee while back by Simon (sbn1979) and I've added pops & bangs to the map for a laugh. These can be taken back off again if the new owner wishes.

So, as a summary:

• Taxed until end Aug
• MOT until Jan '15
• Climate control, etc
• 65,700 miles

• Evo 9 71 series turbo
• MR cams
• Turbosmart adjustable recirculating BOV
• 3mm lash adjusters
• Custom 3" downpipe
• 3" TSL firestorm exhaust system and decat
• Apexi Power Intake filter
• Full HKS hardpipe kit
• Walbro 255 fuel pump
• Magnecor coilpack leads
• Large aftermarket intercooler
• Geekmapped by sbn1979 (MLR) to 1.7 bar

• Stock 6-speed
• Competition Clutch 5152-1620 Ceramic 6 paddle clutch (fitted 2.5k ago)
• Competition Clutch 2-645-STU lightweight flywheel (fitted 2.5k ago)
• HEL clutch line

Suspension, wheels, brakes:
• Rota GTR's 18x9.5 in anthracite
• Rears: 255x35x18 ContiSportContact 5 (near new)
• Fronts: 255x35x18 ContiSportContact 3 (good tread)
• HSD Monoflex coilovers
• HEL brake lines
• Blue Stuff pads front and rear
• Grooved front discs
• Tegiwa Carbing style front strut brace
• Rear strut brace
• Full geo setup on a Hunter Alignment Machine @ 60,000

Interior, audio:
• Evo 9 GT front and rear seats
• MR carbon dash inserts
• Black Ralliart gear knob
• Ralliart mats and boot mat
• Alpine headunit with USB & iPod inputs
• Kenwood 5.25" 3-ways (rear)
• SPL Dynamics SD-6.2 6.5" components (front)
• Alpine MRP-T220 4 channel amp powering comps
• Alpine MRP-M350 powering sub
• Audio Planet sub in ported box
• DEPO 4-in-1 gauge (oil temp/pressure, boost, volts)
• Apexi AVC-R black edition

Engine bling:
• Tegiwa bling kit - black washers, stainless bolts
• Ralliart oil cap
• Ross sport/JMF header tank
• Ralliart carbon plug cover
• Blue silicone coolant hoses
• Ralliart 1.3 bar radiator cap
• Polished manifold heat shield
• Cusco catch can
• Polished fuse cover

• Evo 9 rear bumper (fog light removed)
• Rare Ralliart carbon bonnet
• Rexspeed carbon bonnet vent
• Rexspeed carbon side skirt extensions
• Rexspeed carbon rear bumper extensions
• Rexspeed RA style front splitter
• Rexspeed RA style carbon J panels
• Mitsubishi carbon roof vortex
• Mitsubishi genuine wind deflectors
• Perrin stubby aerial
• Carbon front emblem and rear boot emblem
• USDM rear lights
• Blacked and detango'd front headlights
• EP racing full carbon rear spoiler
• Smoked side indicators
• Ralliart mudflaps
• Hydro-carbon dipped door handles
• Hydro-carbon dipped Evo 9 mirrors

Bad bits:
• Front bumper's a bit stone chipped
• 2nd gear slightly notchy (but doesn't crunch) for a couple of minutes from cold but perfect after a few shifts
• The clutch/flywheel are virtually new. Being a paddle though, it judders unless you give it plenty of revs (Clarke Motorsport will confirm this is NOT a fault)
• Front bushes of rear tie bars are a bit worn
• Front tyres have a little perishing to the tread blocks on the outside edge but still have oodles of tread
• Paint on the wheels is a little tatty

This car really stands out. Turns heads wherever it goes, I'm certainly going to miss it. The car is located on the Isle of Wight, a 15-20 minute foot passenger ferry journey from Portsmouth. The return car ferry is around 30-40 quid so isn't going to break the bank.

£8995 or very near offer (I might knock off the price of the ferry!). I don't need to sell it so please don't make silly offers. I can be contacted on 07970 565431. Please note that unless you have valid insurance for this specific car, you ain't driving it. A day's insurance can be had pretty cheap. Your own car insurance will only cover 3rd party on other vehicles (if it covers them at all).

I've included some pictures below. More pics, interior, under bonnet, can be found here.


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A few more pics.


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GLWTS Steve, was previously my car for 18 Months and DarrellT's car for past 5 years prior to me owning it :) Very clean and looked after car
First to see it will buy it I think :)
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yea my old car, 71 series turbo on it bud bought from indigo gt.

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Ahh, that's a typo. Well spotted mate.
nice car this, wanted for nothing when I had it olli has looked after it as well. only problem was I fitted bilsteins and later put tein springs on didn't handle great tbh. now I see they have been swapped for coilovers which will be a lot better :thumbup: glwts

The HSDs are quite nice, not too harsh. It handles well.
Well now I need to go find a spare £9k -_-
If I had a spare 9k, I'd keep the car ;)
Absolutely stunning. If i werent moving to alabama for a year i would snapped your hand off! GLWS.
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I've placed a deposit on this car. Soon to be mine, cheers Steve :smthumbup
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:cry: Deposit received

You don't know how close I was to changing my mind earlier mate.
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I've placed a deposit on this car. Soon to be mine, cheers Steve :smthumbup
nice one mate, glad its been bought by another mlr member. :smthumbup

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Nice one, sold quicker than when I had it up for sale :)
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Looks a stunner :thumbup:
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Had a few people still trying to buy this off me. It's sold!
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