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Evo 8 FQ-300
53 reg
Palma Red

I've had this car a year now, only wanting to sell as I fancy a nice 5 or 6.
I bought this car totally standard, that's how I like to buy all my cars if I can.
This car was bought in January 2005 for £24650 by a 'mature' woman, she kept it until 2015.
There's no way to shelter it, this is a high mileage evo, its done 93k miles. This didn't really bother me when I bought it as I buy cars on condition and history. When I got this a year ago it had 92k totally standard miles, in a year I've only done 1600 miles in it. I drive my transit 99% of the time and this has been just for rare occasions.

In the first 6 months of ownership I spent around £6k on it.
First thing I did, there was a chip that had been filled in the drivers eye line so I got a new screen, I paid for that, not an insurance job.
I wanted to go stage 1 so I fitted walbro 255, baffled de cat and grimmspeed 3 port boost solenoid. Then I trailered the car up to Evotune, Jamie de-restricted the airbox and mapped it and it made 360 bhp. While it was up there he said there was a bit of play in the turbo and if I wanted to be on the safe side I should get it sorted.
As soon as I got home I took the turbo off and posted it to Jamie, he rebuilt it with a billet wheel and bigger end housing. I fitted that and also got a new evo 9 steel recirc valve and trailered it back up where I got Jamie to fit a set of ID 1000's and map it again where it made 390 bhp.
After a few months I noticed the water was pressurising, I didn't take any chances and this is when I met Simon Norton, can't reccomend this guy enough for anyone with an Evo in the North East. I trailered it to Simon and he stripped the head down, had it skimmed, valves re-seated, fitted all new gaskets, ARP head studs and while the head was off I bought a new set of Kelford 264 cams and got him to fit them as I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it in the future. Then he mapped it to take into account the head skim. It made no more power as the current turbo is about maxed out so can't currently make use of the cams. The first time I had it mapped I had switchable maps put on it, 1 bar and 1.8 bar. I found that this was a waste of time because I never wanted to drive it in the low boost map. So when Simon mapped it I got him to map switchable maps, both maps at 1.8 bar but one with pops and bangs and one without, for more subtle driving.

Other work I did, I stripped down all 4 calipers, fitted new seals, re-painted in the correct Red from factory with new decals. This wasn't a rattle tin job, they had 3 coats of 2k paint, a coat of 2k clear, decals on then another 2k clear and baked in oven between all coats. I re-fitted with braided hoses and flushed the fluid.

The car has a huge binder with all the work it's ever had in it.
It's been serviced at least every 5000 miles all it's life, closer to every 500 miles in my ownership. It's got Mtisubishi main dealer history up to 33k then it's Subaru main dealer up to 80k (apparently this is because the Subaru garage was next to the Mitsubishi garage, they still used Mitsi parts but were cheaper labour) then specialists since then.
Simon Norton changed the cambelt and oil for Motul Excess less than 1000 miles ago.

It has matching Michelin Pilots all round with loads of tread
The underneath has been wax oiled previously and is very tidy for the miles, never been welded. I'm happy to get it up on a ramp to show anyone underneath.
Has a tracker fitted

Just passed its MOT today with no advisories

It had a new clutch fitted at Mitsubishi at 30k, it's still fine is the clutch.

While I've owned the car it's never been launched, smoked in, ran on anything other than v power, spent a night outside. Always lived in my garage

If you couldn't be bothered reading all that then i'll sum up below;

Walbro 255
Grimmspeed 3 port
HKS panel filter in de-restricted air box
HKS Super Drager with baffled de-cat
ID 1000 injectors
Kelford 264 cams
TD05 with 20G billet wheel and cover upgrade
390/380 @ 1.8 bar on v power with pops and bangs

I have standard fuel pump, cams, injectors and cat to go with car.

I'll get some more exterior pictures hopefully this weekend if it doesn't rain


Located North Yorkshire

Mike - 07912424743


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