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Its the first time iv seen your car, since you put the kit on it……i didn't get any notifications, so ill have to go back through the whole thread ,when i get time, see what else i missed!
Im always telling people that i couldn't care less about the interior of any car, as long as the seats and steering wheel are comfortable and “feel” right, then thats all i need.
When i see an interior like yours it does make me think a bit differently.
Looks amazing and makes a huge difference.
i especially like the roof lining.

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a lot has happened tbh, i had to move for a start so that was stressful but managed to find a place with a huge garage lol

so seat skins were ordered were fitted but they got sent back due to a few issues
since my last pic update cars had
arp l19 headstuds
gsc s2 cams
kiggly racing race spec springs and ti retainers
all done at wmd, plus whel alignment and lambda for afr into the exhaust
supplied innovate afr and boost gauge as well

cam cover has been air brushed and purple tial bov

its stripped at the minute as its going back to bodyshop for some work and still eaiting on seats to come back, the door cards im removing the carbon mateerial as it doesnt stick, and transcal who have my seats have done me the centre pieces of the cards in black and red stitching

ill more than likely be replacing my carbon roof for a better one as well from wmd and modding the front arch extentions onto the bumper so i dont damage paint when removing tthe bumper

boot is also going to be trimmed in alcantara, wel fake stuff for boot as its so expensive haha

also have a set of alcons 6 pots and 365 discs to go which will replace my hi spec kit, i wil be uphgrading rears eventually and ill be going ohlins

seats belts are also being sent off to be re webbed in red

heres some pics nothing in order buts its coming on and it was nice to use the car and attaned japshow finale with wmd

but we are not far off to how i want it now, just silly teething issues to sort, fingers crossed this year or at least next year shes all finished

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seat covers

made by the company who made them for mitsubishi, had the ralliart design but with red stitching, more to come when they come back and the cars back built again
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i also wanted to do something different with my cam cover, having 3 people air brush designs on it and messing up each time, a friend said he would do it and if i didnt like it i wouldnt have to pay him lol, so cam cover was painted black and sent off to him, i sent him apic and he done it exactly like the pic, o wamted something different bt matching the pinky purple scheme as well as dark but keeping it japanese too. so went with this anime/game character known as ruler, as this god dam car has ruled me since buying it hahah

not to everyones taste but who cares lol, also got a rare carbon fusebox cover as well both parts, also circuit breakres gone and nack to oem fuse set up some space as one of the breakers failed on the
alternator tripping it at like 6 amps instead of 100a

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