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Evo 8 fq 300 full strip and rebuild

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As many know my 5 blew up and the plan was to sell up and find a black evo 8 but was struggling, settled on a 5 until this came up which was perfect for my needs, many have seen it for sale etc as this is the one that had the cam cover blasted and painted and sand destroyed the engine

I got the car on Sunday and the strip down started, the engine and oil cooler are scrap, over all its quite a clean car, but now its time to make it better than its ever been

Full strip, underside resto, as found a small hole behind side skirt, fit another engine, 9 bumpers and carbon and some nice wheels, all bolts re zinged etc

If people seen the my old black 5 shell then this will be almost the same treatment, good thing with this is I have everything to put straight back on as its a complete car lol

So some pics, not much done but by end of week it will be bare bar glass and doors

Wheels are definitely going up for sale and the mudflaps lol, need to replace bonnet and boot lid due to corrosion but not a problem

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Nice one Rich that looks a decent project tbf, great price as well huh!
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Yeah I'd be stupid to turn it down, purple isn't staying but may carry on the pink theme from the white one lol
Love the workmanship that you put into your Evo's even thou im on the phone to you atm i love this sort of stuff ;)
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Yeah in garage getting ready to drop subframe lol, can't wait until its all stripped and I can crack on building it
Bit more done, engine is finally put, and started the rear end, hopefully all out tomorrow

Seen better days

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Nice project there - should keep you busy for awhile. Wish my garage was as wide as that :)
Yeah, I'm looking at these pics and wishing my garage wasn't such a squeeze....
My garage isn't big lol, it's not even square lol
My garage isn't big lol, it's not even square lol
PMSL lol yeah but you still manage to get all this work done, come on we need more pics always time for pics :lol:

Oh and the cars is looking good at this point to think it was a full car on Sunday is great, and your all on your own too :smthumbup
Rear end is off almost, had a game as bolt snapped holding subframe lol, just arms, tank and prop left now,
Wow nice project. Good luck with the build :smthumbup

Looks like the underbody needs some luving. Had the exact same problem... :wallbang: Previous owner didn't look after the car :blah:
Underneath is really good, I'd rather have a car with no undersell on it as then I can see problem areas, its just flaky paint, no holes nothing it's all solid, so its going to be easier for me now to get the underside done to a high standard

Only hole is on drivers sill behind sideskirts, really happy with the shell
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Subscribed, interesting project, good on ya.

That hole behind the sill is a bit of an eyeopener, will whip the sills off my MR and have a shoofty to be on the safe side...
Ill get a pic and show you what I mean, tbh the sills is really reall thin metal
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What a crap couple of days on the car, but its 98% stripped now ready for work to begin

First problem head of rear subframe bolt snapped, so need a new subframe, bolts snapped in chassis legs for fuel filler cover, need to work out how to repair without cutting boot floor lol

Heater matrix pipes crushed as well, everything else came out lovely, couple of rust issues to sort but metal is solid bar sill

Hopefully new engine will turn up tomorrow or Saturday, just power steering pump left to take out and handbrake cables, going to order all brand new brake lines and acd pipe as well from dealer, this is now going to be as close to concours as I can get it

So some pics

The sill that needs sorting

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Great work so far that sill does look bad but i am sure you will have that taken care of :smthumbup
It's not as bad as it looks, but will see, will be fixed either way lol
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