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Hello there the time has come to sell my evo 8 this is the third car one iv had love it too bits but time for next car

Its a 53 plate jdm with just over 70k will go up as ill use it until its sold

Full mitsibishi history up to 55 k personaly i wouldnt take it near them since then its been maintained and looked after by seditas cars prestwick an then AG motorsport kilmarnock Andy gallacher who knos his way around a car

It was mapped at TRL motorsport in 2007 and has been sound ever since the car runs perfect

The print out says 355 bhp from TRL
Unforunatly this figure was a slight exageration it was on the dyno at AG motorsport and made 330 bhp his dyno is calibrated regular and he says most that come from whatever place are usually a bit optimistic regarding bhp and usually less than said doesnt matter to me fast enuf

I have owned the car for 6 years it has 3 owners actually only two the person bought it off had it put in his mothers name for reasons i cant mention he lives in the same town as me i known this car for a long while before i got it

The car has an uprated fuel pump, full stainless exhaust ,hks filter and blow off valve , hks oil cap samco hoses and some hard pipe work its had a clutch , timing belt , service etc six month ago , also four new injectors and a new fuel tank at a cost off four thousand pounds the work was carried out at AG motorsport i have receipts it may have more goodies iv mot mentioned im not exactly sure what it has those in the kno will see the engine bay pics the lights condensate again iv never bothered with them tbh
The car is solid underneath but has surface rust was undersealed 6 years ago

The ayc pump needs overhauled this costs between 6-8 hundred so no crazy offers because off this iv never fixed it or needed it for road use the car has never seen a track

I will post lots off pics this is a good example very very clean an had been looked after any inspection i have nothing to hide

Anybody who wants a car thats perfect under neath please do not contact me
The paint is in great condition a few stone chips here or there nothing more

I have not decided on a price offers at the mo the car has revolution alloys totally unmarked apart from one has a very small scratch
07546 785084
Cheers dave
Not in a hurry to sell love the car and owe nothing on it so no silly talk please
I am in central scotland


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