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Evo 8 260 must haves??

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Ok, my banana yellow 260 will be on it's way to Fife Mitsi within the next couple of weeks. What I need to start planning is the 'must have' extras! Basically, sensible things that are best to get dealer fitted before I collect the car. I know there will be plenty of things to add at a later date once I suss out what's what, but all I'm looking for is advice from folks as to what they wish they'd had fitted and what they're glad they had fitted etc..... ;)

(oh, and the one definate is to get rid of the :gay: spoiler!!)

Ta :jump
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definitely black flaps classic contrast to the yellow.think about the spoiler though, the small spoiler seems to confuse the cops they have to look twice and by then your gone.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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