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Some of you may have been aware that Top Gear were filming a feature today about the new Evo 7 with help from the Club. There were all the Evos including my GSR RS 1.8, but my short lived apperance may reach the cutting room floor as they still hadnt made up there mind how the feature was going to run.
Just to make things more intresting they brought a New Impreza Sti to compare the new Evo to. They of course brought Tiff Needell, who i think didnt know which car he liked the most. Have to wait for the program next thursday at 8.30.
It was nice to see the new model in the flesh, opinions where mixed not only about the new Evo but also about the new Impreza.
Unfortunately i dont think we got a group shot of all nine of the cars which is a shame.
However i think everyone who went had a good day, some were pleased Tiff didnt drive there car, shame about your car TonyC!!!!
Im of to raid the piggy bank for my new Evo.
Great to see everyone again,

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Tiff drove it.
He took to the other side of the track where we couldnt see what he was doing. Have to wait and watch Top Gear to see what happened to it. Tony had just put some new pads in it!
He gave the Impreza a good thrashing, but only after the owner had gone home for a few hours.

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I don't get it why do these people give their car which they have worked for very hard to a man who puts the car over the limit.

Or do these people get lots of money if tiffs drives their car?

I think it's more a job for mitsubishi to give a car for tiff to drive over the limits of adhesion they want to sell

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I gave my car to Evo magazine to test once. They didn't thrash it at all and repaid me by supplying me with a set of new toyo's.

I suppose you gotta tell em that its your car and u need to be able to drive home in it, a bit of mechanical sympathy basicaly.


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LOL, he only used it for some tracking shots around the track. It didn't look to go much over 50mph.
When he gave it back the tyres weren't even warm.

Interesting day, apart from the hours stood around in the cold not doing anything border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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he, he border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

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