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Just in case anyone is interested :) The following are items I have seen at the Tokyo Autosalon Show for the EVO 7

From Mine's
1. Carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler
2. Mine's ECU box
3. Mine's ACD box

From HKS Kansai
1. Carbon fiber bonnet
2. Carbon fiber cold air intake
3. Rear GT wing

From ARC
1. Intercooler (3 types)
2. Oil catch can
3. Oil cooler
4. Air filter assembly (2 air filters)

From Varis
1. Carbon fiber bonnet
2. Carbon fiber cold air intake
3. Carbon fiber grille cover
4. Carbon fiber boot
5. Carbon fiber front spoiler
6. Carbon fiber GT wing

From RalliArt
1. Engine ECU
3. RalliArt Gauges (complete)
4. Plug wires
5. Electric side mirrors
6. Pedal set
7. Shift knob
8. Air cleaner
9. Adjustable coil overs
10. Oil cap
11. Radiator cap
12. Radiator hose
13. Intercooler pipes
14. Suction pipe
15. Strut bars
16. Stainless brake lines

I think thats all they have for our EVOs this year. Not much compared to last year.

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Didn't take pictures this year. Took video instead. Looks better with the Campaign Girls waving. ;) Tell me when you are going to the shop and I will try to bring the tape.

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Seems very interesting, especially that waving campaign girls part |EQU|)

If you care to put it online, I have the tools and a server waiting.
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