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Good day folks, I am new to the forums and in need of your assistance, while proceeding to change my transmission fluid I found a metal fragment attached to my drain plug, upon reading up about it I realized it's a common fault with these evo 7 gta tranny, I need to know the way forward on how to repair this and where to source better stronger parts, thanks.

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Wave spring.

Had exactly the same thing on mine. Gearbox was running ok, just doing an oil change. The problem is how many other bits are floating around in the box? :shake:

I decided to have my box fully overhauled, including the upgraded wave spring. It cost over 2k but included upgrading the torque convertor! :eek:

I was told you could change the spring in situ, by removing the end cover on the box. I've circled the location on the diagram. I have a spare box and tried on a bench in the garage and couldn't do it! Admittedly not easy with only ONE arm. :lol:

Also there is a small rubber seal that presses against the outer diameter of the piston assembly in front of the spring. This seal is fitted from the control housing area after the piston is in position. If the piston is removed and refitted with the seal in place there is a high chance it gets damaged. You then don't get the correct oil pressure on the clutch pack.

The upgraded wave spring is a solid one piece item which costs about £10. I bought mine from JPAT Transmissions.

Good luck. :thumbup:
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