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This is a quick how-to for removing the parcel shelf on an Evo 7-9. The process was carried out on my Evo 8.

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Step 1 - Remove the rear seat.

Step 2 - Remove the speaker grilles
From inside the boot use a cross head screwdriver to remove three screws holding down each speaker grille.

Step 3 - Remove the centre brake light
In the boot again. There are a couple of options regards the bulb wire, you can unclip the white connector and leave the bulb holder in the main unit. Or you can unscrew the bulb holder from the main unit and let it hang down in the boot. Then you need to undo the two bolts holding the main assembly down.

Step 4 - Push the five blue plugs through
Back in the boot. Next use a pair of pliers to compress and then push through the 5 blue plugs. Careful not to break these.
There are two near each speaker and one near the rear brake light.

Step 5 - Free the seatbelts
Just under the seatbelts the parcel shelf is split, so you can slide the belt out of the hole in the shelf.

Step 6 - Remove the parcel shelf
It should now be a case of just carefully removing the shelf itself.

Step 7 - Optional - Remove black sound deadening
Under the parcel shelf is a layer of black sound deadening which is removable. Most of it just lifts right up, but it is fixed in the centre by one white plug. Lever this out carefully using a screwdriver, pliers or a claw hammer. I do believe you can buy special trim clip removal tools, but I do not have these. Screwdriver and patience seems to work fine!

You now have access to the bolts securing the rear passenger inertia reel seatbelts. I intend to install eyebolts here to connect clip in harnesses to. Also, there are several holes in the parcel shelf which are convinient for connecting video camera mountings to. To this end I reinstalled the rear seats but left the sound deadening and the parcel shelf out for the time being. (One thing to consider if you intend leaving the shelf out, is that becasue my car is silver the metal under the shelf is silver and reflects a fair bit off the rear window when looking in the rear view mirror.)

That's it. Hope this was useful. Cheers.

PS - If you're interested in making a camera mount, then check out THIS THREAD.

List of my guides:
1 - Fitting Sidelights
2 - Rear Seats Removal
3 - Parcel Shelf Removal
4 - Fitting Harnesses (Not published yet)
5 - Bolt-in Parcel Shelf Camera
6 - Intercooler water spray bottle removal and replacement with cold air feed

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Surely you could get that out if you tried hard enough! Is it structually supporting anything?
From looking at it it seems that it wouldn't be easy, although I've not tried and do not intend to try, so can't really comment I guess.

For info it supports:
  1. Rear passenger inertia reel seatbelts
  2. Boot hinges
  3. Boot springs
  4. Wiper motor assembly
  5. Center brake light
  6. Boot illumination light
  7. Speakers
  8. and I imagine it plays a part in keeping the rear end stiff.
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