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i am looking for an evo6, preferably icelle blue or black (no white ones please, no offence to anyone:D )
it would be handy if youre in the south east of england, as i would prefer the car to be checked by dragon.
no major track day cars either. must be accident free, no silly mods, and low mileage.

if your thinking of selling, you can email me at the address at the end. and please, no daft prices, my girlfriend sold an immaculate uk car last year, and i know how much these cars go for, and what a dealer will offer...if he will offer at all;)

so, if you are interested my address is

[email protected]

i check my emails every evening, and early in the morning

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i am looking at one on thursday, which by the sounds of it is ideal car for me. so until then i aint looking anymore, dont want to muck the seller about.
if it falls through, then fair enough, i'll be back on the hunt again.
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