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Hi guys border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
I just want to know which one is better because I am planning to buy either an EVO 6 GSX or an FD (RX-7 type RZ).
I need some inputs and information about EVO 6 vs RX-7, so please share your knowlegde and experience with me [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Any Helps Are Really Appreciated.
Thanks GUYS!!!
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I own an Evo 6 and I have been interested in Japanese performance cars for a long time. I have done quite a bit of research for my Web site about all Grey Imports so I can also give you a rough impression of the RX-7.

Plus points
Great performance and handling.
Rear wheel drive.
Great looking.

Minus Points
Extremely juicy! (even by Evo standards) The twin turbo charged [email protected] engine drinks fuel by the bucket load, you will be lucky to get over 20mpg. (Sorry it won't let me say ####el!)
The [email protected] engine can give problems with the cylinder seals. This has been pretty much ironed out on the later versions but the Mk1 and 2 meant engine changes at roughly 60,000 miles
Strictly a 2|PLS|2 seater.
New model no longer officially sold in the UK so parts sourcing may be difficult.

Evo 6
Plus Points
Great performance and handling.
All wheel drive.
Great looking.
Proper 4 door saloon (although ride is harsh for passengers).
Rallying hertiage.
Parts/servicing readily available through Ralliart/Mitsubsihi due to official UK imports.

Minus Points
Fuel economy of 24mpg average and small tank means fill ups every 180-200 miles.
Mitsubsihi Customer Service is poor (not the dealer but the company itself).
Active Yaw Control recall may eventually effect the Evo 6 (currently limited to 4 and amp; 5).
Official Ralliart parts/accessories are expensive.
Needs servicing every 4500 miles although prices are reasonable for such a high performance car.
Short gearing means tiresome motorway cruising.

Although I haven't driven an RX-7 I would say the Evo is the more all round car. It provides everything you could want from a car in one package.
Of course you have to make your own mind up. Test drive both cars and see for yourself.


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Also, I'm only 6ft and could only just about fit in an RX-7. Driving one comfortably for any length of time was out of the question.

Worth bearing in mind unless you're a shortarse

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Thank you very much guys border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
I really appreciated your comments on this topic, I am expecting to see more comments because the more the better, right? [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
so please feel free to write your opinions and experiences.
No Flame Please,

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It really depends on what you intend to use the car for. the thing is Insurance and running costs are going to be very very high on both cars. I havent driven an RX-7 so cant comment on that. The reason I bought my evo was that it is more practical than anything else with this kind of performance and that once i drove it i had to have it. I'm not saying that if i didnt need the passenger and boot space i wouldnt have the evo, it is by far the best car I've owned as an all round package of handling and performance. I've owned tuned Cossies etc but am hooked on the evo. Drive both cars then make your choice.

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I too was in the predicament(Sp???) before deciding whether the Evo was going to be my car or the RX7. After some hunting around, I managed to find a place that lists that faults that have been acknowldged by car manufacturers (can't remember the URL but it was in the US).
In this I found one thing that concerned me - the engines (up to the 93 models) had a tendency to burst into flames!! Also there was a problem with intermitent brakes shortly after start up also.
So I suppose that this knowledge, and also the practicality issue (can't fit a hell of a lot in a RX7) sold me the Evo....and I havn't looked back.... border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

But I would have to say if I had enough spare cash lying around I would probably by one just for the hell of it [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Either way I rekon that you will come out of it with a top car.....

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I also heard that there is lots of problems with the engine on the Mazda, it leaks etc.

Anyway, the only way of not buying an Evo is not to test drive one!

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I seem to remember there was a buying guide for the RX-7 in EVO mag a while back.
Anyway the problem with the Rotary (it won't let me say [email protected] properly!) was the seals which sealed and created the 'cylinder' as it rotated. These were easily worn or damaged and as a result the WHOLE engine would have to be changed after it expired at roughly 60,000 miles (although there were reports of knackered engines as early as 30,000 miles!). You can replace the seals but this was found not to be too successful.
Please note the problems were pretty much sorted out on the later versions (Mk3 onwards I think) so if you want a later version you should be OK.
However the nature of the twin turbo rotary engine means it is EXTREMELY thirsty. 20mpg average I believe.
It is a classic motor and is very well sort after in Japan.

Trouble is the EVO is better in virtually every respect!

Test drive them and see.

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Thank you for your inputs everone, I really appreciated it border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
Well, I think the best way to see which one I like better is to test drive them.
I think Evo has more Torque than RX-7, isn't it right?

Heave Ho Six:
What is Mk3? Could you explain more about it?
What is the average Lancer Evo engine life? 150,000 miles before it need to be rebuilt?

Thanks so much guys

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I dug out that Evo guide on the RX-7 (Issue 11, Sept 1999)....

Sorry I thought the model was changed 3 times but it was only twice.
Mk1 1986-1992
Mk2 1992-1996 (UK) Airbag as standard from 1993

237bhp @ 6500rpm (Jap spec 265bhp @ 6500rpm, plus 276bhp model aswell, RZ?)
218lbft @ 5000rpm

Checkpoints (Mk2)
Engines need to be rebuilt at roughly 80,000 miles (however it depends on how it was driven, some have had to be rebuilt earily, some later) due to carbon deposits causing wear on the apex seals which slot onto the 3 rotor tips. The rebuilds cost £1500-£1700 (plus VAT) but should last another 80,000. Run a compression test to see if it needs rebuilding. Make sure the engine doesn't run hot as the rotary engine doesn't like it and its not uncommon for them to blow water from the radiator or the reservoir.
Listen for noisey bearings, a sure sign the gearbox is on the way out. Make sure the Syncros work, it is normal notchy but it doesn't like any abuse. Hamfisted forced changes mean the syncros will suffer.
Make sure the car has been serviced correctly. Mazda dealers are inexperienced in '7' servicing and its not uncommon to find they have used the incorrect gearbox oil. Early cars had a problem changing from 1st to 2nd but that should have been cured under warranty.
Check for modifications, the most common is 'chipping' to increase the boost however if you go over 14psi then it can end in tears if no other modifications are done to cope with the increase.

Parts are expensive:
Brake Pads Front £129 (pair)
UK car has 2 CATS in the exhaust (over £1000 for each one!), Grey Imports only have one CAT. Due to this aftermarket exhausts are common on UK cars and start at roughly £500.
Servicing interval is every 6000 miles.

As to the Evo:
Not sure on EVO engine life but 150,000 miles does sound about right provided there are no mods to it and its not overly stressed.
276bhp @ 6500rpm
274lbft @ 3000rpm (TME 275lbft @ 2750rpm)

I hope this helps.

Evo mag have said they are going to bring out an Evo VI buying guide shortly, should prove interesting!

P.S. The new RX-8 looks the biz!

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Biggest difference between the cars is the RX7 makes you feel as though you are driving a sportscar. The Evo is the better allrounder, for more practical in everysense and as we all know a right-riveting drive! but dont discount the Mazda. It has proper sportscar type suspension (double wishbone) and very few rubber bushes. It corners nice a flat and has masses of grip. (okay, breakaway can be a bit snappy) and seems to keep on pulling up in every gear. Also 400bhp from an RX7 costs about 40% of what it would take to get from an EVO.
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