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EVO 6 Tommi Makinen £9995

The car has obviously been looked after from new, the paint is fresh and unfaded, it was detailed professionally at the time of import which was just under a year ago, it gleams when clean which is all the time, it doesn't sit in the garage dirty! and gets washed every time it comes home after being driven. There is no damage to the car at all, no dings, dents anywhere . The car is pretty much standard apart from the minor tuning parts listed below, the items that are on the car are top parts and very expensive bits of kit, theres no £100 eBay hardpipe kit type mods on this car!!. It also comes with a very comprehensive history from Japan, and comes with the original handbooks. It is MOT'd and taxed also.

Scotia White Evo VI ' Tommi Makinen ' Edition - First Registered (uk) Febuary 2009
' W ' Reg,
Standard exterior except ( New OEM ) White Naca Bonnet Vent, PIAA Wiper Blades.Tein coilovers.

Standard Interior ( In near perfect condition ) with TEIN EDFC, Defi Oil pressure Gauges( With Defi Controller ) and Apexi boost gauge, Variable fan controller and Mitsubishi Floor Mats.
Top Spec Sony MP3/CD/Tuner.
Kakimoto Racing Regu 06 & R exhaust,this is a top spec exhaust system with retails for over £500( Looks brand new! ), Must of been fitted not long before the car was imported.
Hayward & Scott 3 inch decat,downpipe, and turbo elbow.This cost me nearly £1000 from Hayward & scott,they are renowned for the craftsmanship and quality.I still have the receipt and warranty on these items.(original cat,turbo elbow and downpipe still available). Apexi air filter(induction kit has a semota air intake pipe coming off the front bumper for cool air feed)-battery relocated and replaced with a lighter/smaller one.
Continental contisportcontact 3 tyres(with a lot of thread left).
Plus two brand bew tyres.

Exedy twin plate clutch (costing £1575) fitted in June 2009.only 2000 miles since the new clutch was fitted.

HID lighting. HKSsparksplugs Earthing Kit
Strut Brace(3 point)
Ralliart heat shield( I still have the standard item )
Ralliart Radiator/Oil Cap
PIAA Horns
Spare Keys
Imported Into this country in Febuary 2009, I'm the 1st UK owner and bought it when it had just over 35,000 miles. It now has just over 39k so i've done not much more than 4000 miles since i bought the car.

It has been garaged since i bought it, it's in fantastic condition... it doesn't look like its done any mileage as the bodywork and interior are really very fresh.
The car was put on the dyno when first imported,it pushed out 303 bhp standard. I have all the papers to prove this.
All receipts and paperwork for this car is available for everything ever bought and done to this car.
The car had a full service just after it came into the UK, including the AYC oil,gearbox,brake fluid(every fluid in the car) changed on approx 39,000 miles, brake pads, and all the belts were changed also, all this work was done by Mitsubishi main dealer costing over £1700.I also had Mitsubishi carry out a full diagnostic check, they said the car was absolutely perfect with no defects or faults(i still have the diagnostic results to prove!).Since then i have done two services on the car, June 2009 and most recently January 2010.

The 2 things that i haven't done that i wanted to get the car exactly how i want is 1) refurb the wheels, there nothing horrendous but they do have scuffs and need a fresh coat of paint, 2) refurb the calipers, they have minor paint flaking so i want to get them painted red as they should be.

The price is £9,995, please, please genuine enquiries only, test drives will be done by me unless you prove you have full insurance cover.
i wasn't able to upload photos,so follow this link to view photos.thanks
[email protected]

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That's a nice Mak! Have the headlights/bumper been replaced or repaired?

Good luck with sale - I'd have it if I had the benjamins.
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