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Could TME owners provide me with some information please.

Is TME that much superior than GSR in every sense that it's worth spending that extra money?
Suspensions - are they fitted with Ralliart as standard?
I really thought TME don't coem with foglight until I saw one the other day. Are there different versions of TME? It started only on Evo6, correct me if I'm wrong.

Ultimately, please give me your take and feeling on it. Overall, are they much better than GSR? Other than quicker steering rack and uprated aerodynamics, what else?


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The T M EVO 6 has titanium turbo fins which is lighter and suppose to spool up quicker, improving the response (less lag).
The intercooler/after cooler (whatever) is slightly thicker/wider improving efficiency.
The rims/wheels are made by Enkei instead of OZ and are in (pain in the ar$e)white - a buggar to keep clean!
The T M does not have fog lights which is a shame since the headlamps are ****!
The seats are in red and black with cool looking logos which shout STEAL ME!

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I never heard that about the I/C either, but the TME is a bit better low down with the ti turbo, no doubt. I have owned an RS2 and a TME. The AYC is a pain I think, I will get rid of it soon. I think the TME bumper looks better. I would never get a GSR, too unsporty. If you want a real Evo, get an RS2 or RS. I like the seats in the TME, better than the others.

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The question was would you pay the extra for a TME model over a GSR , I totally agree with your view regarding getting an RS model if you want to give it some serious use , but to me the TME is just a facelifted GSR not any quicker on the road or trackdays from my experience.

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I've heard a number people talk about the 'free flow exhaust' on the TME. But if you look under the car it's exactly the same layout as the GSR. The only difference is the TME has a different back box.

The TME does have a different suspension set-up. Some people find it better on UK roads. That and the front bumper seem to be by far the main reasons people choose the TME over the GSR with all people I have talk to about it.


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Thanks for all the inputs.

Yeah, those red seats are nice, not to mention those red trimmings on the steering wheel and gear knob. I agree with Daved6, TME is facelifted version of GSR, plus some changes/additions like seats, some cheap body stickers, different wheels, Ti turbo wheel and few others.

Free flow exhaust? Not sure what is on GSR, but is TME exhaust by HKS??
Nobody has confirmed yet on that Ralliart suspension being standard or not on TME. Anybody, please?

We are on the same page. If you are taking it to the track, better off with RS. For daily use and normal road driving, TME is better than GSR, IF you have the money.:):)

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I have looked through a Mitsubishi brochure and it states that the TME has a sports muffler and large diameter tail pipe. It doesn't say a make. It also says that it has a new design of fule tank reservoir cup that stops fuel from surging to one side under high-G cornering, a feature that I am sure you have all noticed!

The overall height has been lowered by 10mm, while front and rear roll centre height has been optimised. It further says that there is a front strut tower bars and a quicker steering ratio. Finally, the brochure claims that therea re ducts in the front bumper to cool engine air intake.

So that's what the brochure claims, but do you know different?

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That's right, there's a hole in the bumper you can connect to the air intake.

How much more is the TME?

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Humble: Regarding the foglights, Mitsubishi/Ralliart now offer an option for these for £700 fitted (it's a big job!)
I've got them fitted to my TME but beware that nearside one does fills that air intake that Claudius refers to above.

Have a look at my car here:

Since those pictures were taken I have changed the orange side repeaters to nice clear ones to keep Claudius happy :D

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Well that worked nicely! :)

Claudius: In the UK the offical prices are:
GSR: £30,995
TME: £32,995

If you shop around though you can get £5,000 off those prices though ;)

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no offence to others but I think that the main point here has been missed entirely: the TME has the quick rack and mainly because of this it has better steering with more feel. ALso, the power comes in earlier with the titanium turbo although its the small titanium unit (not teh same as teh RS) so its not ideal if you want to tune for big BHP.

I drove the Mak and I reckon its significantly better - its just not cost effective to put the 2.2 rack on a gsr unless you get one reconditioned or something. Wish I had got a TME and may part ex to one next year.

Full list of changes:

1)lower ride height (10mm) but compliance is the same (center of
gravity lower though so slightly better feel)

2) titanium turbocharger with smaller impeller wheel which kicks in 500rpm-ish lower, improved
low-mid torque...

3) inverted front shocks

4) white ENkei alloys

5) revised exhaust sustem for reduced back pressure

6) red stitching on gear lever and seats etc.. and other interior
cosmetic details (seats saying Makinen etc..)

7) different front spoiler with air intake hole

8) Front strut brace

9) 2.2 quick rack

hope that helps

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As I've got a TME RSII I've got the same turbo as the RS, means TI and big compresser wheel:D! Compared to my mates RSII with standard turbo it has a much smoother power delivery. As already mentioned the quick steering rack makes a big difference not only to turn-in but also to feel.

And not to forget, the TME front bumper looks much better than the standard one IMHO.



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Thanks a lot for all your inputs. To be honest, I was merely looking for opinion in the sense of overall feel and take on TME as compared to GSR. I am already aware of all the points such as lowered height and quicker steering rack and Makkinen logo Recaros. But thanks nevertheless:)

Jackal-agree with you that TME is not ideal for big HP tuneup. But that white Enkei is a minus....hard to keep it clean:) Are they lighter than the OZ on GSR??

Mike-yeah, the front bumper looks meaner!

Tommi-in my opinion, TME looks best in red, but blue is not too bad either.

Thanks again

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tme vs gsr

i'll take the tme, but...

i think this should not be a question of tme vs gsr, but tme vs evo6. the tme itself comes in gsr and rs trims, and is referred to as the evo 6.5 in some places. in japan, the tme replaced the evo6 quite a while before the evo7 came out.
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