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After almost 5 years of membership, I realize that I have never presented my Evo... It's time to fix things !

Let me introduce myself first : Jean-Baptiste, just turned 30 and living in Normandy (France) somewhere between Cherbourg and Caen.

Actually, this is not my first Evo. The previous one was a 5 GSR bought from a member on here. It was pretty much standard except from Evo 6 Alloys, Project µ 2 piece discs, PF Zrated pads all round and Endless brake lines. I used this car on both road and track days before selling it in september 2012.

In October 2012, I bought this TME in Holland, here as some pics from the day I brought it back home :

Evo 6 TME from december 2000
96000 km when bought (114000 now :mhihi: )
Mods :
AVCR and remap (1.6 --> 1.4 bar )
Scorpion 2.5" Exhaust
Carbone Lorraine RC6 pads all round on OEM discs
4 Rota 18" rims and 4 Tecnomagnesion 17" rims

Pretty much a stock...

As I did with the 5, my aim is to drive this car on road and on track so here are the first mods of 2013 :
- Selling the Rotas to only keep the 17" rims for both ecnomical and performance reasons.
- Evo IX OEM Bilstein shocks --> way better handling on road but to soft for the trackdays...
- Front Preformance Friction 2 parts discs
- Goodridge brake lines
- PF ZRated pads all round (not good enough for trackdays with the extra horsepower compare to the 5)
- 3" Scorpion Downpipe and 3" HKS Hi Power exhaust (Much better turbo response but I changed the settings of the AVCR to keep 1.6 --> 1.4bar. Not willing to push further).
- Pressure and temperature gauges.

Here are some pics of 2013 :

Magny-Cours F1

For 2014, I decided to improve the handling. This means fitting 3 Way Proflex Group N coilovers !

Next step will be new geometry and some brake cooling enhancements. And of course... Track Days !!!

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Elle est belle!! :)


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Time to post some updates. Just got back the car from GL Racing after the first batch of modifications. The aim is to modify the car to get some road and track car. Sort of ClubSport Evo such as what Porsche is doing with its GT 3/4 and so on.
This means that engine will not be fully built, I just keep with bolt on updates and camshafts. Bushings and suspensions updates are the main concerns. Drive train could do with a shorter gearbox, but it's not planned at the moment. Interior will do with a rear cage and bucket seats later this year.

First set of mods : Drive train refresh and suspensions update.

To begin with, something pretty close to a standard TME :

Clutch was fully worn so, ACT clutch was fitted. Stage 1 only and not the lightest flywheel. Future engine modifications doesn't need it and I don't spin the wheels when launching the car :

Almost all the underneath bars were sand blasted and treated with epoxy. Before :

After :

As I plan to fit a Group A airbox, battery was moved in the boot using this kit :

And a Hardwiring kit for the fuel pump :

Battery fitted in its new place :

Proflex shocks (45mm 3 ways group N) came back last week from a rebuild at R-Tec. They found their way back into the car :

You will not find pictures from all the Whiteline bushings... To long... just consider that all the available bushings for a 6 have been fitted. :lol:

Underneath of the car, you will see :
- Ralliart Piping
- Freshly painted bars
- Torsen front diff as my car was not delivered with this when new
- Silenced decat
- 3" Scorpion downpipe
- 3" HKS Hiper catback (almost 3" due to the restriction after decat...)
The car is not very clean due to wet road conditions but there is not that many rust.

Engine bay in a transitory state. Group A airbox is missing and the OEM intake pipe still be used. Next time, it will be replaced by the Ralliart intake pipe and the massive carbon airbox.
MR recirc dump valve is replacing the old Forge Ralliart BOV.

Engine modifications :
- 3" Scorpion downpipe
- 3" silenced decat
- 3" HKS catback
- K&N intake kit
- MR metal recirc BOV
- Battery relocation kit (in the boot)
- Hardwiring kit for the fuel pump
- Deatchwerk fuel pump
- Ralliart hardwiring kit

Transmission :
- Stock : AYC + front Torsen
- Stage 1 ACT clutch and flywheel

Chassis setup :
- Full Whiteline bushings kit
- Proflex Group N 3 ways shocks (45mm)
- Cusco front top 2 point bar
- Performance Friction 2 pieces front discs
- DS Uno brake pads all round
- Girodisc Titanium insulation shims all round

Next step : Tomei Poncam Type R camshaft, Carbon airbox and remap.

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Since my last visit to GL Racing, engine bay was looking like that :

Few things were missing :

- Tomei PONCAM Type R (270) camshafts
- Lash adjusters
- New timing and accesories belts

The Intake also needed to be completed with the Ralliart intake pipe and a carbon airbox pretty close in design as the one from the group A cars.

However, I do not recommend this airbox, too many cut outs to let the loom run throught it.

I am pretty happy with the result though ;)

The only missing part was a proper mapping to make it run nice :

Result :

Turbocharger was not able to boost harder than 1,65 bar in the mid range and 1,35 bar at rev limiter. Perhaps it starts to be a little old and tired...

Result is a bit different on the road, it is able to push a little harder all the way and boost values are 1,[email protected] and 1,5 at redline. This makes the car fast enough for me now.

Next chapter will cover brake cooling and of course... Trackdays !!!

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Somewhere in a farm in France...

Trackday season is about to start and car is getting ready :
- New rims (8" width) with stock size tyres
- New Pole Position ABE buckets on Bride rails

Some pics :

Only a few things need to be done before hitting tracks :
- Front mudflaps
- New brake ducts from an Evo 5


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Love the look of the white Enkei WRC Tarmac EVOs on the black car. Will be fitting mine at some point.
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Good to see your enjoying the TME.... Some great modifications :smthumbup.... Love the photo of it on track:smthumbup:coolsm:

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Good to see your enjoying the TME.... Some great modifications :smthumbup.... Love the photo of it on track:smthumbup:coolsm:
This type of car is really begging for this kind of modifications !

I really enjoyed it... it was its first trackday since end of 2013 ! I really missed it ! (My Honda S2000 or my 106 Rallye can't cope with an Evo...)
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