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Hi all :)

My brother has an Evo 6, and has some suspension issues and so I thought I would post them here.

He unfortunately had a front o/s track rod end that was faulty and decided to have both replaced. This was done this morning and we then took the car to a recognised garage for a full geomtry check. The car has Apexi N1 Evolution Coilovers and Bridgestone Potenza RE010 tyres. Anyway he took the list of settings as show in here in the FAQ and asked that they set the car up with the TME settings. The garage did what he asked but when he drove the car home he experienced some problems with handling :( Basically he explains the car as being fine in a straight line but when he changes lane on a motorway the car feels as if it is 'floating' for want of a better word and feels quite unstable ? He took the car straight back and the garage checked all the wheels etc. Anyway they ended up taking a degree of toe in off the rear and whilst its helped it still feels very skittish. The turn in sharpness has also gone too :( To rule out AYC we took out the fuse and the car whilst driving a bit better still had the same problems and the car suffered with oversteer with the rear becoming very light :(

Can anyone help me out by posting up the possible causes ?? e.g is the TME setting suitable for a E6 with coilovers ??

Cheers guys :)
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