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Hopefully someone can help. When I take the car to the local Mitsubishi dealer and they test drive it they can't find the fault. When you drive the car a lot you notice it.
Okay, there seems to be more than normal road noise from front of car. When pulling away from standstill at a roundabout for example, the steering seems to judder slightly. It only does this at very low speeds and it's annoying. I found that the car had different profile tyres on front and rear so thought this could be fault and had same tyres put on all around but it's still there so don't think its diff getting wound up.
Anyone experienced same on 99 GSR? Also, with 28000 miles on the car, would you expect the cam followers to be noisy? My previous car (escort cosworth) had same problem after only 60 000 miles

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Who ever put different profiles on the car should be SHOT!. At high speeds this would cause the centre diff to overheat as it's trying to compensate for the different rpm front and rear is doing:(. A judder was the first sign i had before my centre diff blew, although mine was caused by an incorrect final drive which has almost the same affect as different profile tyres. Hopefully your centre diff isn't worn and causing this judder but seems most likely with the tyre situation you explained. How long where the tyres on it?.
Other than that a judder usually points to a clutch problem.

As for noisey Tappets? WELCOME TO THE LAND OF EVO's!:D


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Yikes. I've noticed a similar juddering ... usually when making a tight U-turn, or say, when pulling up into my inclined driveway in first gear.

The car has run less than 5,000 kms, and has never had non-standard wheels/tires fitted. Is the above-mentioned judder normal during those tight U-turns? It's is not severe, but it IS noticeable.

All this talk of failing center diffs is scaring me silly! Can anyone answer? HH6?

Many thanks!

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The previous tyres were fitted by the previous owner and I reckon were probably on the car for about 10,000 miles or so.
The judder I was referring to does only happen with the wheel turned at slow speed (ie pulling away from a standstill) as mentioned by the above, but it is noticeable and not troublesome.

The tappets I can live with.

After giving the car a good caning today, I can live with it's eccentricities but if the problems on these things are common I'm not going to worry too much. It is still under warranty so it might be better for it to fail sooner rather than later.
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