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Have for sale an RS rear diff plated insert that goes inside a steel RS case
Availiable advertised to rally teams here:
or availiable to MLR members here
It needs a new Crown wheel, pinnion, and steel outer case to finish off, or good for start of season rebuild to existing Rear RS set up. Came off a low mileage imported Evo 9 RS diff, but the teeth were stripped on crown wheel, so new diff was fitted instead, but this bit is still good to go again.
Also have new front RS diff cluster, S/H front diff rebuilt with new bolts, goes inside transfer box, and various GSR AYC rear diffs etc
Cash on collection from closed down track day team barn find in Guildford, Surrey, or can post out with CityLink next day recorded, Payment with PayPal,
Call us on 07973 430950 for more info
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