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Hi everyone- not sure who's into motorsport- sorry if this bores some of you..
Anyway, thought some of you might be interested in the following results from the awesome 24 hour endurance race at the Nurburgring in Germany.. Look at 6th place..
l'd love to know the spec' on this car. Anyone out there know?
Courtesy of the website, and link to

1 33 Chrysler Viper GTS-R Zakowski Peter
Bartels Michael
Lamy Pedro 147 24:07:04.405

2 25 Porsche 996 GT3 Cup Müller Gerhard
Mannsperger Gerhard
Thiim Kurt 139 24:10:05.025 8 Runden

3 46 BMW M 3 E 36 Tischner Michael
Thal Wilfried
Meinerzhagen Lothar
Tischner Matthias 136 24:02:23.270 11 Runden

4 17 Porsche 996 GT3 Cup Silbermayr Georg
Hesse Holger
Schornstein Dieter
Seidel Josef H. 136 24:07:04.536 11 Runden

5 8 Porsche 911 RSR Dören Edgar
Lück Karl-Christian
Abbelen Klaus
Veertee Karl 135 24:07:36.425 12 Runden

6 56 Mitsubishi Carisma GT EVO 6 Übler Jochen
Schurig Marcus
Bechtel Burkhard
Ekström Mattias 133 24:03:55.056 14 Runden

7 40 BMW M Coupe Müller Jörg
Dr. Althoff Edgar
Fink Andreas
Zabel Ingo 133 24:09:47.931 14 Runden

8 26 Porsche 996 GT3 Cup Weiland Harald
Weiland Matthias
Weiner Ralf
Link Harald 132 24:06:15.446 15 Runden

9 24 Honda S 2000 Carlsson Ingvar
Albig Jochen
Hürtgen Claudia
Lohr Ellen 132 24:06:19.762 15 Runden

10 20 Porsche 993 GT2 Imgartz Michael
Klaas Frank-Henning
Stäbler Horst
Reis Helmut 1
rgring 24 hour Endurance race in Germany.


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I think it's featured on the german Ralliart ( website. I have seen it in Auto und Motorsport magazine too.

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That's right. All I know from looking at it's front is that it has the standard intercooler. In Sport Auto they said that they had to change the front wheel bearings every six hours...

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I know the car pretty good as I've got some pictures of it and was in the Ralliart Germany pit at the Drift Challenge in Hockenheim where it crashed! You can even rent it!


Max power: 350hp at 6800rpm
Torque: 520NM at 3800rpm
max boost: 1.5bar
ECU: Motec
wheels: 8X18 Magnesium
brakes: standard discs and callipers front and rear, pagid blue pads
wheight: 1322kg
tank: 120 litres
consumption: 45 litres per 100km SUL
Max speed: 273km/h
0-62mph: 4 sec dead
no ABS,no AYC

Don't know the suspension details. But on the Hockenheim Ring it still had its Nuerburgring setup and the car was very difficult getting sideways contrary to the June EVO which finally won the Drift contest.
Something about the drivers. Schurig is Sport Auto journalist and will be one of the instructors when I'm on the Ring in 2 weeks. Bechtel is a famous touring car tv moderator on German TV and Ekstrom drives for ABT in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters against people like (the UK lads should know) Peter Dumbreck (did a salto 2 years ago in the Merc CLK GT at Le Mans) and our Swiss rising star Marcel Fässler (currently the driver of the F1 safety car).

Hope that helps


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