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Evo 6 Plaque ?

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Is it true Evo 6s were supposed to come with a wooden plaque with an evo 6 display key and metal sheet detailing the rally victories? Cheers all as ever ;)
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I'm sure I've seen that plaque before, I just don't believe his story about it coming with the car. If you like it, buy it.
evo plaque

they do come with some evo vi's, i dont know if they were meant for all. But i got one with my rs so its not rubish.
i have one and it came with my tommi imported ;)
suppose that key also starts any :p
According to Bazza's Buyers Guide, the VI came with the spare key on a plaque.

Buyers Guide P31
The spare key came on a presentation plaque - quite novel.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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