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evo 6 oz alloys

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hi, i have for sale a set of standard 17inch oz alloys off an evo 6, i bought these a few months ago as i upgraded to brembos and didnt think my other wheels would fit, but they did, so these are now getting in my way :(
they could do with a refurb and the tyres have between 2 and 3mm of tread left,
located in lincolnshire, near humberside airport, i had them couriered to me for £40 when i bought them, so either i can arrange it for that price or you can arrange your own, or pick them up in person, :)
looking to get back what i paid for them, so £160 (plus the postage if i arrange it,) or a close offer
will try post pics up tomorrow if i can fathom out how to do it :)
thanks for looking
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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