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its about Evo 6 Momo Steering Wheel with Airbag

hi there :yawn:

i am looking for one of those Evo 6 Momo Steering Wheel with Airbag for the evolution 6 but i dont live in europe i live in the other side AMERICA well i try to enter in MOMO italy and send many messages y enter in UK mitsubishi web site and contact them i enter in spain web site mitsubishi and i do the same thing again time after time i enter in ebay and i lost the auctions for that steering wheel right now i contact MOMO UK to see what answers they will give to me to try to buy that steering wheel

:rotz:in america and central america dont came the mitsubishi lancers evolution 1 to 6 ..........only came the LANCER evo 7 and up and right now they receive the Mitsubishi lancer evo X

that is why i try to contact somebody for europe to give me price like the price you have in this page very nice steering the same i want it like that conditions .. like new .. but used ..

please give me a help i want to buy one those steering wheels . for mi mirage its the same thing inside and all of that car.

please let me message or send me a email at

[email protected]

thanks for everything you can do about this ...


Anthony LOpez

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