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My evo 6 ( kms) drives normally when I drive calm. But when I give it WOT it boosts to 1.3 bar (peak) then starts jolting heavily and boost drops to 0.8 bar. I'm running a evo 8 turbo.

Things I have already changed:
BOV: evo 8 MR fitted
Wastegate actuator: Evo 8 fitted with appropiate preload
Sparkplugs NGK BPR8ES
Fuel Filter

Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?

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Sticking actuator causing overboost. The early ones can suffer water ingress and rust, causing them to stick. Re read to see he has a later one fitted and setup.

Good to note for others that the MR ones had a cap to overcome this very issue. The standard 8 ones may have too.
I had a forge actuator on my old 5 that failed after 3 years. Could move it with virtually no effort. Replaced it with one from an 8 (think the 9 ones are different?) and never had an issue again.
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