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Hi there,

Whilst stuck in many a major traffic jam, the fan comes on regularly as clockwork. At this point is there any benefit in pressing the waterspray to 'cool' things down or is this a waste of time ?

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Probably won't make much difference, although there are two nozzles that spray onto the radiator.

Rgds Kevin A

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It'll only cool the intake charge if there is air flowing over the wet intercooler.
In a traffic jam it will just look like your car has pi(ss)ed itself

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It will help cooling down the engine, as it sprays on the coolant radiator as well. The temperature of it being (when warmed) around 95 degrees C, anything cooler (like the water spray) will help it cool down. So don't be afraid to use it when in traffic jam, or after hard driving when the engine is idling, it can only help it.
Sorry to go against what you say TonyC, but cooling the intake charge is only ONE function of it.


PS: Ah, and it WILL look like your car has pi(ss)ed itself. Can't do anything about that though

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The intercooler water spray also has two separate nozzles that spray water onto the radiator as well as the intercooler.
Spraying water onto the radiator in traffic jams will not make much difference.
I have noticed that the fan does run quite often at low speed probably because the cooling of the radiator is compromised by the intercooler being in the way.
Remember if you have Climate Control there is also a fan for the A/C condensor that will operate even if you don't have the A/C on.
Both fans can run at low and high speeds depending on the coolant temperature, however the wiring/ECU is so arranged that both fans will not work at the same time so avoiding a large voltage drop. A delay is set up so the A/C fan will kick in if needed after the radiator fan stops.

The details of which fan works at which speed and at what coolant temperature can be found in the Technical Manuals.
Basically above 95C and below 105C the fans will kick in at low speed, above 105C the fans will be at high speed. This is simplified version of it because it depends whether the A/C is on or off.

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On the Evo-5, the intercooler waterspray uses the water from the windscreen plastic bottle located on the front left side of the engine.
I understand on the Evo-6, it has a separate tank located in the boot of the car which presumably has a bigger capacity. Is it possible to fit this system into the Evo-5?
If so what parts need to be ordered and fitting it is quite straightforward? The present system on the Evo-5 has limited capacity and is barely sufficient before you need to top it up again.

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On the evo6 the intercooler spray is also located under the bonnet, it is the windscreen washer bottle that has been relocated to the boot. Don't know how the relative
bottle capacities compare between the 5 and 6 though.

-Mr Mime

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OK here are the changes to the Intercooler Waterspray system and Washer bootle location listed by Evolution (4 to 6).

Evo 4
Single combined Washer/Intercooler reservoir located under the bonnet.
1 pair of nozzles spraying the Intercooler only. No rear Wash/Wipe.
Reasons for upgrade on the next Evo:
Insuffient reservoir size for the Washer let alone the Washer/Intercooler combined.

Evo 5
Single combined Washer/Intercooler reservoir located in the boot.
4 nozzles, 2 spraying the Intercooler and 2 spraying the Radiator. (Do E5's GSR's have a rear Wash/Wipe?)
Reasons for upgrade on the next Evo:
Pumping water from the far back of the car to the very front for the Intercooler spray must put a great strain on the small pump motor. I also assume that due to the heat of the engine possibly exaporating the water in the Intercooler spray piping when it hadn't been used for a while that the motor had to be worked a lot to get any water to the front.
Insuffient reservoir size for the Washer/Intercooler combined.

Evo 6
Separate Washer and Intercooler reservoirs. Washer reservoir located in the boot, Intercooler reservoir located under the bonnet.
4 nozzles, 2 spraying the Intercooler and 2 spraying the Radiator. Revised/uprated pump arrangement. Rear wash/wipe fitted on GSR's.

I believe the relative reservoir sizes/capacities remain the same through each evolution, although the pump motors and piping are revised each time.
(I am going from memory on all the above points as I don't have my Tech/workshop manuals in front of me but I am 99% certain.)

Denise you say you only have a single Washer/Intercooler reservoir in the front on your 5? If this is the case I can only assume you either have an RS version which may differ from the GSR or an early 5 as perhaps the arrangement mentioned above came in later on in 5 production. The 5 should have a single Washer/Intercooler reservior in the boot.

If you want to change to the E6 arrangement then you will need to fit a lot of pipework and wiring the whole length of the car. I know the front reservoir arrangement is very poor (even when its Intercooler only on the 6!) but is it worth the upgrade expense and fitting hassle?


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Spoke to Power Engineering about the automatic water spray being developed for the VI.
The system is set to work on a combination of inlet manifold air temperature and the air flow sensor output.
This ensures the system only comes when under a decent load and when the inlet charge temperature requires it.
The standard spray puts to much water through the intercooler, most of it is wasted.
This system will be mapped use progressively more water as the charge temperature rises, this should make the standard water tank go a lot further.
The button by the handbrake will still work as an overide to cool it at the traffic lights before a stonking launch border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
This should solve the fumbling around the handbrake down the back straight trying to find the switch whilst trying to overtake without missing the braking markers.

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When I last looked at Power Engineering's automatic water spray, it was done from the replacement ECU. They may have changed this now, but if not (or just for price comparison) try the link below|EQU|288 and amp;product|EQU|1281 and amp;

For £55 you get a complete system given that you already have the pump and spray systems. Okay so it might not be as good as the PE system, but might be worth a look at for the price?

How much is Power Engineering's system?


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On this topic, anyone noticed that Mits have finally got round to implementing an automatic waterspray system to the EvoVII?

Manual override too

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I have a rear wash wipe on my E4,do not use any wind screen wash as can leave a white residue on the intercooler ,.I had probobly put too much liquid in ,so I now just keep water.Hasn,t frozen for long as bottle close to engine and my engine is at running temp in around 3 minutes.



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On the subject of intercooler sprays, I had a problem on my Evo III at the Park Hall stages. The previous event was some months before, so I had water only in the Washer Bottle, no screenwash/antifreeze. I re-filled the bottle with a winter mix, and operated the screenwash to fill the pipes. I FORGOT TO OPERATE THE INTERCOOLER SPRAY! The air tempetature was minus 10 Centigrade on the towcar dash readout going to the event, and when I arrived there was soon a large green puddle under the front of the car. I ty-wrapped the pipe to the intercooler spray, as I suspected that I would not be needing to spray the intercooler that day.

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Sorry about the delay with finishing the Automatic Intelligent Water Spray Control Unit. We are writing detailed fitting instructions with photos at the moment.

The operation of the system is based on the following parameters

Water Spray on at airflow above 500 Hz air flow meter output (approx 0.6bar)and Temp above 38 °C inlet charge (measured with additional sensor provided in kit)
First Waterspray pump pulse is always 2 seconds.
After this first pulse subsequent pulses are 1 second at 38 °C to 2.5 seconds at 44 °C
Start of every pulse is 5 seconds apart
Fluid Low signal is debounced for 6 seconds to stop the unit coming on round corners etc

Normal Operation Indications
Green Light on shows Temp and Airflow are above set conditions or override button is on and the pump is cycling
Red Light flashing shows the Pump relay should be on but is not because the fluid level is low
Red light on signifies the fluid level is low

Error Indications
Red and Green Light Flashing alternately rapidly signify the temperature sensor circuit is short or open circuit.
This could be a broken wire or short in the wiring or a faulty sensor
Green Light Flashing Rapidly signify the Airflow Sensor is not connected.
This will come on 13 seconds after the ignition is on but the engine is not running

We have not finalised price for the system as yet

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Dear David Power,
Could you please tell me what pressure you running at and what size jet you are using for your water injection system.
What sort of price would it be to fit to lancer turbo with EVO 6 motor fitted.
Many Thanks
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