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Evo 6 - Cold air intake

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pretty basic question which I think I know the answer too, but want to make sure I am not over looking anything.

I am thinking of moving my battery and putting on a cold air intake (K&N) for example… what else do I need to consider or is that is?

Putting a free flowing exhaust on too. So I imagine between the two “updates” it would be worth having a map to straighten out any problems later on. I don’t think I need fuel pump upgrade or is that a standard thing to do at the same time?
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With the cost of mapping I would put on as much as possible at a single time. What you mention, fuel pump and 3 port boost solenoid. Then mapped. For the additional cost of parts and fittings you will save much more than a remap I would imagine
What sort of power would be expected?
How difficult is it to put back to standard - I suspect it’s pretty easy?
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