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I've got the ralliart clutch cover with standard plate fitted,it works ok but if you want to accelerate hard from 0 to 60,it will still slips as standard.

You have to be careful with competition clutches as they could be almost undriveable on every day traffic if they have a rigid plate without springs.

Power engineering have a special clutch that looks ok on their wep page but I don't know the brand.

Ralliart has their gr.n cluch with cover and plate or the twin clutch with flywheel but it's about £1200.

HKS supply a special twin cluch with light flywheel at around £1200.

JUN have a ultra light flywheel for the evo at around 250£

AP racing supply a formula kit for the evo,I think they have two different versions
and it should be good quality and very driveable every day.

MITSUBISHI supply a twin plate cluch,but with standard materials that is an option for rs models,that should be more resistant than the normal one and it's not more expensive at around £350.

Anyway,if you don't mind the clutch to be a little harsh and you wan't some improvement,don't go for the standard one

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Thanks for the info. I have now the Ralliart single palte clutch with cover. It was very difficult to drive it, and now it is gone after 5000 km (it starts to slip on gear change!)
I think I will go for the AP racing this time. I knid of accepted that I need to change a clutch every 5,000 km. The standard one made only 3,000 km. Any recommondations for the AP racing type? as you mention there are two, both with same capacity but different in characteristics.

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If you don't try all the existing clutch,you won't really know how it will react and how long it would last!

It depends a lot of the driving conditions,but 3000km and then 5000km are reallynot many.
Did you made a lot of standing starts?

I don't know the differences between the two ap racing clutches,you have to ask them.
The problem with some racing clutches is that they are really harsh and are made to get good grip but will not last long.
Anyway ap should make a good quality clutch,try to talk to them and make sure that the model they will sell you is really improved over the standard one but that it will last longer.

You can also consider the twin plate mitsubishi clutch as it won't be harsh as it's a standard option but will maybe last longer than a single plate.

If you want to invest more money the hks clutch should be a real improvement but maybe a little harsh.There are some others very high quality japanese clutches as os giken or cusco but I don't know the models and the specifications.

Try to talk to the more tuners as possible to get all the infos and opinions.

TDI should have a few hks twin clutch fitted on evo vi,so they can give you infos as well as upauto should know about cusco clutches.
Don't forget the power engineering one.

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Both the RalliArt and HKS clutches look suspiciously like the Daiken twin plate. Try buying direct from Daiken (Exedy).

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I have fitted my new Daiken twin disk. The engagement is exquisite. Compared to my previous clutch assembly it is very civilized. The Daiken is sharp but quiet and controllable. The pedal feel and load is actually comparable to the stock single disk organic. No problem in traffic.

I apologize to anyone who has fitted the RalliArt ceramic disk and up rated cover based on my earlier favorable description. I now feel that the chatter is not acceptable for daily driving.

The Daiken is more massive and perhaps the single ceramic disk offers better performance but the trade off is favorable if you’re a daily driver.

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just out of curiosity, can the Daiken clutch hold about 400bhp? I am looking for a twin plate like the OS Giken.


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I purchased the Daiken clutch on the recomendation of a friend who rallies his six. He has yet to fing the limits of this clutch. His car is heavily modified and has covered te quarter in 10.5. 400 HP wil not be a problem for this clutch.

Again the engagement on this clutch is shorter than stock but pedal feel is very similar and there is no chatter.

I know I must sound like a Daiken sales man, but am only a enthusiastically satisfied customer.

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How much is the daiken clutch and were can you get it?
Do you have a picture?
Is the ralliart clutch a daikin at the end?

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In your neck of the woods I would try Daiken direct. The site address is:


Steve Rogers
Technical/Sales Engineer
Daikin Clutch Europe
01928 571850

[email protected]

The clutch does not appear to be the same design as the RalliArt piece. However one of my inquiries got this response.

"Daikin is an factory who produce clutch and also OEM for most popular brand name such as Ralliart, NIsmo, TRD, Mugen etc...."
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