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Can anybody help me with the following bits, If you have modified your car and the old parts are kicking around!!!
I'm after:-:)
Oil cooler
rear bumper or rear spliter
n/s passenger head light
front bumper (complete preferred)
Blitz turbo timer
Blitz air filter or simular
I need the parts urgently so, I will pay reasonable money for good parts.

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Hi Chris

You could be in luck.
I have mailed you but I will also have several other parts that you need. only trouble is that you may have to wait for them.
parts I have now that is on your list is

Induction kit (Blitz and Greddy)
Front head light

Bits which I will have avaliable later
Oil cooler
Front bumper (includes front fogs) (What colour do you need as mine is BlacK)


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I have second hand selection of oil cooler, front bumper in white, piaa spots, front headlight, HKS air filter, but no rear bumper, cost would be half of what ever Ralliart charge for new.
Based in Surrey. RogerRally

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I can help with the Blitz turbo timer if you get stuck for a s/hand one :) They start at £112.80.
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