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Hi all, We have a customer bringing his car to us for a big brake conversion, amongst other upgrades, and was just wondering what set up you guys are using. not to sure on his budget yet but I'm just pricing up options to give to him. I have looked at the AP Racing, Alcon and k sport kits on Ross sport, all seem to have advantages and disadvantages in the way of buying i.e price, come with pads or not etc.
Ive also looked into pads for these kits and seen a few moments on another post about carbotech or performance sport pads. I see the carbotech are not advised for road use but again, was wondering if any of you are running either of these and how they are for a day to day drive.
Finally, I'm going to look at upgrading his standard setup with better discs, pads, fluid and hoses and give that as another, cheaper option.
so yeah, if anyone has any input on what they are running and how good their setup is it would be greatly appreciated.
hopefully i may even get a bigger setup for my 4 by the end of this.
thank you all

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Performance Friction 2 piece discs with matching Z.11 pads are a nice set-up for fast road and occasional track use. Pads are low noise and dust with reasonably decent stopping power.

If you can put up with more noise and dust, then Carbotech XP8's or 10's pads are amazing and are compliant for road use (though noisy!).

Of the BBK's, K-Sport are middle of the range with Alcon or AP at the top end and some people prefer one over the other. I think you have more choices with the AP's though..?

TBH any BBK is likely overkill for just road use, unless running BIG power, but they do also look good ;)

However a simple upgrade would be replacement single discs from Godspeed or MTEC maybe.

And finally HEL or Goodridge lines and RBF600/660 fluid are a must :thumbup:
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