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I own a 99' evo VI gsr. 1st UK owner, 90,000kms. HKS hardpipe induction, turbosmart IWG75, Catback. Other than that its stock and original.

12 months ago it suffered an unexpected & catastrophic engine failure.

I have sourced a replacement 4G63T removed from an evo VIII. This winter I am doing a refresh/rebuild.
I am not going down the forged route or going to demand big power.
Subtle upgrades include, ARP stud kit, new shells, piston rings, head skim/pressure test, stock oem head gasket, Tomei sump baffle, 3mm hydraulic lash adjusters, amongst anything else along the way.
The replacement motor is in original (very) low mileage form 12,000kms.

My conflict is the difference between evo 4-7, or 8 & 9 FULL cambelt and pulley kits (including tensioners oil/water pump etc),
The only visual difference appears to be the hydraulic adjuster? obviously I will order the VIII kit according to my VIII engine.
This being said, I am interested to know the difference in the timing belt parts from my stock 6 engine to the 8?

The next concern is to go down the balance shaft removal or keep to a standard set up? Pros and Cons for both?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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For the correct cambelt kit: check with Rosssport. They can for sure give you the correct advice.
I personally would do balance shaft delete, as the balance shaft belt is mainly root cause of engine failures.
Balance shaft belt brakes, gets into timing belt...
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