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Bought these from Mitsubishi and just came across them after having a clear out of parts.

They are all Genuine Mitsubishi Parts and the correct part numbers / quantity.

Everything you need for replacing your exhaust manifold on your Evo 6/7/8/9

(Washers not included as these can be re-used)

I have :-
2 x MN119783 bolts which go down through manifold and into the Turbo

2 X MD132930 Nuts which go onto the studs protruding from turbo into manifold

2 x MN119784 10mm End Studs for either end of Manifold into head (usually come out with the nuts when nuts are being removed)

2 x MR224500 M10 End Nuts for Above studs to hold manifold on at either end.

7 x MR212302 Nuts for each of the remaining studs on the manifold to head.

All genuine Mitsubishi parts, still bagged as new. If you are replacing your exhaust manifold you may need some / all of these. I think its better to replace them all personally as the old ones are often seized / corroded.

These cost a small fortune from Mitsubishi, £20 delivered for the lot.

Anyone interested please PM me.

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