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Evo 6- 06 T.M.E

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:) Hi Gang well landed today.So the hunt is on!.Pleae let me know of any Beasts up for sale.Not Black or Reims though!.Cheers kay.
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Evo 6-or T.M.E

:) Sorry no offence.its all down to personal taste! :blush: Very nice car though.xx
Re: Re: Evo 6-or T.M.E

No sorry needed :D , woz only jesting. Gud luck with ur search there is many a car out there just buy gud'un as i'm sure u don't wonna be looking for diff's or gearbox rebuilds in the sunnyland.
:) Dont worry i will!This will be my third and last drive through spain.back home! :blush: If had not been fed a load of crap by a Dutch man! :rolleyes: Would never of sold Ethel (given her away)
always look on the bright side!.next one will be a Beast! :D Cant get used to paying £3.60+ for crappy wine here. Fish and chips nearly a fiver :eek: and petrol well we wont go there! :blah: as for beer! :eek: I love the euro! :D ;) will be looking for a evo mechanic when i get my Holiday! Free service!.
car that is :crackup: :D
Evo 6-T.M.E

Gazzor said:
Have you had a go of a TME yet :confused:
:) Yes and I liked it! :blush: :blush:
Evo 6-06 T.M.E

:) Well Found my Baby.Silver evo6 T.M.E. Will post pics when back in Spain. Thanks for everyones Help and advice.kay.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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