1998 Mitsubishi EVO 5
153000Kms, this is a mix of Kms & Miles. True mileage is approx. 115000 miles.
Imported by Aberdeenshire imports in 2015. The car was then sold to the person I bought it from in Mar 2016. During the year he owned the car, he sold it to a mate then re-bought the vehicle which is why it has 4 former keepers.
I did manage to buy the original auction sheet once I had the car. Sadly this showed a mileage discrepancy with its import mileage. I have addressed this in mileage I have quoted. It does show the vehicle as a grade 4 and will include this with other documentation.
The car is a standard EVO 5 GSR with the following upgrades/enhancements.
Mapped to approx. 353bhp, printout from previous owner.
Re-trimmed steering wheel.
Re-trimmed doorcards.
AMS Plug cover.
Tomei oil filler cap
Cusco 3 point brace powder coated black
Cusco under body front brace
Evolution Rocker cover in black with silver EVOLUTION lettering.
Genuine Ralliart front floor mats.
MLR Evolution Boot carpet.
Mishimoto Radiator.
Mtec front discs with CL RC5+ front brake pads. (will also include fast road Pagid front discs & pads).
NR Brake cooling ducts.
Rear spoiler & nacta duct painted black.
New exhaust manifold cover & front Mitsubishi badge OE
Vehicle history, during my ownership.
Mar 2016- Autowatch Cat 1 Alarm fitted. Installation certificate included.
Apr 2016 - NR Autosport: Oil & filter, Cambelt, Balance belt, Balance belt tensioner, Super pro rear ARB bushes, 2 x track rod ends, Tein S-Tech springs, Laser 4 wheel alignment, Fog light fitted into rear reverse light plus all labour charges.
Apr 2016 – NR Autosport: Tein Street Advance coilovers and 2 x Ralliart front top mounts plus labour.
Feb 2017 – APT: 4.5K service using Motul oil, 3mm lash adjusters and Rocker cover gasket plus labour.
Apr 2018 - Mitsubishi Lincoln: 4.5k service, carry out AYC change with Diaqueen SP111, Brakes stripped & cleaned, body inspection with labour.
Apr 2019 – Mitsubishi Lincoln: 4.5k service, Oil & filter, brakes ok plus labour
Jul 2020 – Mitsubishi Lincoln: 4.5k service, Oil & filter, strip & clean brakes plus labour.
Mar 2021 – Mitsubishi Lincoln: 4.5k service, Oil & filter, annual body inspection plus labour.
May 2021 –N.R. Services: Investigate loss of coolant and cooling fan issue (thermostat & rad cap replaced already from 1st diag)
Rectify cooling fan issue, top up coolant, bleed system and check fan running time with MUT, road test all ok.
Carry out compression test, All cylinders at 175-185 psi.
Supply and fit:-
  • Cambelt, balancer belt & tensioner.
  • Water pump inc new gasket and water pipe O ring seal. Top up coolant, run and bleed cooling system.
  • N/S steering rack boot
  • Rear camber bushes and camber bolt kits (as a result of repaling outer bushes) Had to cut camber bolts out of the rear subframe as they were seized in the bushes.
Fit parts supplied:-
  • Both front lower suspension arms. ( OE @ £360 a pair) ) Had to remove oil filter to gain access to lower arm bolts due to lower brace being fitted.
  • Set of NR brake cooling ducts
  • Had to modify brackets due to standard engine and gearbox, wheel arch liners fitted.
  • Power steering pipe ( steering rack to pump) re-fill pas system. 1 ltr pas oil. Run up & bleed system.
  • Refurbished rocker cover & AMS spark plug cover.
  • Swap gaskets from old rocker cover, use new bolts supplied
  • Supply & fit pcv valve seal as old one split
  • Shorten rear upper bolts to fit.
  • Both rear lateral arm outer bushes
  • Unable to remove arms as inner camber bushbolts are seized in, cut out rear camber bush bolts and replace inner and outer bushes inc new camber bolt kits.
  • Supply correct bolt for exhaust manifold and shorten to fit due to damaged threads in manifold.
  • Carry out 4 wheel alignment.
  • Parts and labour not including customer supplied parts.
Apr 2022- N.R. Services: Carry out annual service inc inspection for sale 2hrs

Bleed brakes 0.5hrs

Drivers front wheel bearing is noisy turning left, supplied and fitted new hub assy, 0.5hrs

Rear washer n/w, removed one way valve and clean out pipes, all ok

Exhaust front pipe blowing from flexi joint, fitted new front pipe supplied. 0.5hrs

A/C pump noisy, de-gas system, drain and remove radiator, fit used pump supplied, bleed cooling system and re gas a/c system 2hrs

Parts :-
Eng oil
Oil filter
Sump plug washer
AYC res oil
Brake fluid
Exhaust gasket 3"
Wheel bearing
A/C Gas

Labour 5.5hrs

Report :-

Compression test :- Cylinder 1 190-195 psi, Cylinder 2 185-190 psi, Cylinder 3 190 psi, Cylinder 4 190-195 psi

Chassis is in good condition with no signs of excessive rust

Rear brake disc slightly corroded

Clutch pedal biting high

MOT history. 02/04/2015 125740
08/03/2016 134240
04/03/2017 139971
31/03/2018 142838
30/03/2019 146128
14/03/2020 148975
13/03/2021 150986
26/03/2022 153159

The car comes with all the above receipts and paperwork. It also has a Mitsubishi service book which is stamped and up to date to correspond with the work done.
The car has been undersealed and wax oiled down the insides of the chassis rails from when I purchased to car in 2016. Each year the car has its MOT at the same garage where the underbody is checked. I can organise ramp time for any and all inspection of the underside of the car. This would have to be arranged in advance if you were to come and view the vehicle.
The exterior of the car is in good condition for its age, mileage and year. The front bumper had a complete restoration in early 2021 when the car was off the road due to the coolant issue. At that time the bumper was removed, repainted and rebuilt using all new OE metalwork from Mitsubishi and RossSport. This included a new crash bar, all new support metalwork. New intercooler washer jets @ £10 each x 4 plus spring clips, specialist bolts, fog lights and brackets stripped and powder coated black. The only non OE is the lower meshes as even I baulked at nearly £400 for 3 bits of chicken wire lol.
I have owned EVO,s for over 18yrs now, I am a member of the MLR (MitsubishiLancerRegister) and have been for as long as I’ve been an owner. This is not a show car nor a dog. It is a lovely enthusiast owned vehicle. It is used for 6 months of the year then put away in a carcoon for the winter, this has been it’s life since my purchase in 2016. I have probably forgotten something but if you wish to know anything about the car I may have missed please ask. Test drives will be done by myself, no exception. You buy it you drive it.

£24995 with the current climate and the wide variation in prices of EVO's this is open to serious offers . If it does not sell by Sept 30th it will be back in its bubble for another winter.

Finally the car is 24yrs old and has age related marks. I have kept the paint original as far as I can, there are the odd marks a couple of tiny dinks but nothing horrible.

More pictures available upon request