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Anyone out there tried the Blitz Access ECU.Any comments good or bad.I have EVO 5 rs with HKS filter and Mongoose exaust with de cat pipe.I don't particularly like the idea of boost,fuel controllers.What is the all in cost of these , I know the Blitz ECU is 725 |PLS| vat.Any info appreciated.

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can you confirm to me that the 5 rs is quoted at 330bhp standard
i have mitz brochure to say so but im told different
is your ecu different to gsr ??

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I have a evo v rs with hks racing suction kit,supersprint exhaust and pe fuel pump.
Whit my standard ecu I have fuel cuts,probably because my boost is to high 1.2bars.

I've tryed for a few days the ralliart sports ecu and there was no more fuel cuts,so I could raise the boost at approx. 1.4bars.
The difference in acceleration was noticeable and there was more top end power.
This ecu is made to work with free flow air filter and exhaust.

Anyway,I would like to have more details about the blitz ecu,it should be something like the ralliart ecu but if you find any informations about it let me know.

If it wasn't for the price I would go for the MOTEC M48 ecu 1500£ that is a street version of the gr.n ecu and you can have anti lag system with it.
I don't think that any other ecu around 850£ can have this feature.

Best regards


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Mouton,the evo v rs have 280bhp standard,not 330.

The one that has 330bhp is the ralliart uk rs sprint.

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I am going to have a Blitz Access ECU fitted in about 1 week so I can let you know how good or bad it is. I have an EVO IV at the moment which is running about 1.25 bar of boost with a Blitz DSBC, I also have a specR dump value and a Ralliart Exhaust fitted. I have not experienced any fuelling problems and i do drive it hard!, maybe it is because I have not changed the air filter.

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Dominic and others,thanks for info.I will be very interested to hear how you get on with blitz ecu as this is the one I am interested in.

regards colin.
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