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I'm thinking about buying an evo but can anyone help me with a few questions? First, I was thinking of a 5 or 6 but a six might be stretching my budget a bit. Is there a big difference between them apart from a slight styling upgrade? Secondly, I got one insurance quote and it was sky high, does anyone know a few places to try for a decent quote? Mine was for £3000 which I think is just a bit steep!!!

Thanks, Phil.

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the 6 has slightly different styling, a bit more torque, a few more aluminium components, but basically is pretty much the same i.e a top motor.

I got my insurance through A-plan tel 0845 071 1234. Costs me £850 for uk spec tme in somerset with full ncb 37yrs old.

Do a search on insurance as there have been a number of threads.

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Get a 5! 6 has styling 'downgrade'.

Pro's of 5 over 6:

1/ Better looking (front end and rear lights).
2/ less brakes problems 'cos of better air ducting.
3/ £3-4k cheaper for a decent one.
4/ not so many about, so more individual
5/ better looking interior/ seat finish
6/ same engine and pretty much same mechs.
7/ they come in YELLOW!

Con's of 5 over 6

1/ more torque on a 6.
2/ lighter than a 5.
3/ better rear wing.
4/ more to choose from, therefore easier to find a good one.

Of course the above is purely my opinion and I am biased! :)

Insurance can be a bugger, try Tett Hamilton. Darin has negotiated a deal fo MLR members. Number is on here somewhere, just search. Tesco are good, as are A Plan.

Whatever you get, make sure it's an EVO, you won't regret it!

Rant over


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Thanks a lot for the info guys it looks like I might be able to afford insurance after all :) Mind you, your answers raised more questions if you can just bear with me! I take it you can get imports or UK spec ones.

Maybe a dumb question but I know nadda about grey imports ect Does UK spec mean actually sold here or imported at our spec, and does it matter which one you buy?

How much do you think I would have to pay to get a good condition 5?

One last thing, should I try to import one myself, will this give much cost saving over buying one second hand that is already over here?

Once again cheers for the info, i bet you get a lot of people asking the same stuff.


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Depending on wqhich insurer you use but you should find a VI slightly cheaper because it is a recognised car for the UK market! That was the first question NU asked me anyway!


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Grey or UK: UK just means it has been registered in this country from new, either by Ralliart or Warrender (there may be a few others). This means you get a UK warranty, a bigger battery (for the cold weather) and some have underseal sprayed around. Lots of 6's are UK and a handful of 5's.

Realistically, second hand, the only difference is insurance. For some reason many insurers don't like grey imports, probably 'cos there's no way of finding car's history b4 it came ove here. Some are 'grey friendly', though.

I bought my 5 in September for £16K. 13k miles, no marks at all, new wheels, exhaust etc. I would expect to pay about the same at the mo for a good one.

Wouldn't import one yourself, unless you can go to Japan to buy the car. Most used cars are sold through auction in Japan. The cars sell relatively cheaply, but then you gotta pay the shipping, insurance, agent to buy it and sort out the carriage, then VAT over here and SVA test. Also many stolen cars are exported from Japan.

Hope this helps,


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PS, Phil

Don't be put off by a grey (import). Most of these cars are treated well and are cossetted, both in Japan (where they do little mileage), and here.

Have never seen a dog of an Evo (although there probably are a few). It's a hell of a lot of a car for relatively little money.


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errr....where did you lot hear that the 5 had less torque than the 6?
It doesn't, power and torque are exactly the same between the 5 and the 6. The 6 has a higher rev limit than the 5 but thats about it performance wise.

The 5 and 6 are basically the same, there are quite a few minor changes the most important probably are:
The 6 has improved cooling (larger oil cooler, different sump, coolant control revised with higher flow rate)
The 6 front suspension was revised to lower the roll centre
The 6 has forged aluminium rear toe control arm and trailing arm
However the biggest changes were to the styling and that is what should make up your mind over a 5 or 6.

Insurers don't like the words grey import because they get the impression that grey imports and 'UK' cars are different. Grey Import means to an insurer that parts are not available over here and have to be shipped in at great expense all the while you will be running about in a hired car running up huge bills. Unfortunately that is a load of crap regarding the Evo, either you get parts from Co-ordsport etc. or it will be shipped in but that applies equally to greys or 'UK' cars.
Mind you there have been some horror stories in the early days of grey imports, a Subaru in particular cost £2000 to replace a smashed wing mirror! £1500 of that was in hire car charges the owner ran up waiting for the wing mirror to come in!

It is also a misconception that all 'UK' cars come with the cold climate pack (bigger battery |PLS| other stuff) most do but some don't. It also gives the impression that 'UK' cars are the only ones to come with the cold climate pack when grey imports are equally as likely to have it. Just look for heated mirrors that work off the rear demist switch as an indicator of the Cold Climate Pack being fitted.
Any decent importer, grey or otherwise, should have undersealed a car properly, if they haven't walk away and find one that has. You never know what other corners may have been cut.

The only thing I would suggest is if you are going buy a 5 is make sure it not effected by the AYC ECU recall or it if was make sure it has had the AYC ECU changed early on in it's life. CCC or Ralliart (depending who imported it) should be able to let you know if a car is effected or has been fixed if you supply the chassis number.

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First thing i would do is get the insurance quote nailed down, i have got a UK (mitsubishi) VI TME, half of the insurance companies i tried would not cover it because it was not on their list of cars so automatically put it down as a import, and so would not cover it.

the other half looked at the fact i had a car stolen 2 years ago and thought it would be good to charge me £2500 (even though i have no points/clean licence/full no claims)

i got the price down to £1250 in the end but what a load of ######....

ignore pondy.......6 rules (even better if TME)


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Ive driven 4's,5's,6's,6tme's and can tell you now,
if I was blindfolded id struggle to tell the difference !!!!!!!

Dont worry about which model to buy, they are all incredible.

You should pick up a mint 5 for no more than £16k.

Best £16k you'll ever spend.

Justin Foden

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If you were blindfolded, it would make it interesting to see how you would drive them all.... Would it improve your driving??? border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

IMHO the 5 has a much more aggresive front end than the 6 because of the bigger spotlights and one of the best looking Evo's I've seen was an Evo 5 in Ralliart a few months ago which was running on 18 OZ Super T's and it looked the dogs danglies. Performance wise there's not much in it (not that anyone can notice 1/10th of seconds anyway) and in writing this I'm now thinking Why did I bother going with a 6 . One thing for certain is that whatever you choose, nothing will come close to it for the money and you'll have the permanent Evo grin that belongs to all owners.


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I was about to ask where it says 6 has more torque than a 5, as I always thought the outputs were identical... but seems HH6 was on that one way ahead of me... |EQU|)

I've read that the lower roll center on a 6 supposedly means it understeers less than a 5, though maybe this isn't too noticeable, based on people's comments here. What advantage are provided by the forged aluminum rear suspension components? And is it possible to retrofit these bits on a 5?

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Re 5 and 6 torque. I got the info from Mitsubishi website a couple of years back. It said 4 had 265ftlb, 5 had 270ftlb, 6 had 275ftlb. Mine's only making 262ftlb anyway (according to Powerstation)!


Get whatever you can at the best price!

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Thanks for all the great feedback. Looks like I'm going to have to check them both out for myself, sort of leaning towards a five though. I think i may try to catch a track day or other club meeting, would be the best way to see the different Evo's side by side. I may not be buying one until about May or June, so plenty of time to decide.

Thanks again, Phil.
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